So, Ron DeSantis Wants To Change How Americans Talk About Slavery – NRK Urix Foreign News & Documentaries

So, Ron DeSantis Wants To Change How Americans Talk About Slavery – NRK Urix Foreign News & Documentaries

As it stands today, it is not possible for DeSantis to become the next US President.

After he announced his candidacy on Twitter due to major technical problems, many thought his campaign had failed before it had actually begun.

However, he was outdone on home soil. DeSantis claims that the former swing condition Today Florida is at the forefront of the conservative movement in the United States.

It’s true that DeSantis “led the pack” with conservative legislative changes in education and LGBT rights, write the politics site FiveThirtyEight.

For a long time, DeSantis has waited to criticize Trump, even though they are opponents in the primaries.

Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

But when it comes to gun control and abortion, both of which are high on the priority list of conservative voters, Florida’s governor has so far been more lenient than most red states.

So what does DeSantis stand for, really? And what does Florida tell us about the future of the other red states?

An “Anti-Wake-Up” Approach to a Slave Past

to join Law of “stop waking up” Last year passed, DeSantis and his supporters approved a new curriculum in Florida.

Among the learning points there is that “American slaves developed skills that could, in some cases, be used to their own advantage.”

Florida education

“Read forbidden books,” reads Quart, a college professor in Coral Gables, Florida.

Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/AP

The New Expectations for Education was unanimously supported by the Florida State Board of Education.


When the new curriculum was announced, Harris immediately made plans to travel to Florida, reports The New York Times.

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But critical voices are asking the state to change the new curriculum, as it “tells only half the story and half the truth,” the reports say Politico.

This in particular is what Vice President Kamala Harris interacts with.

– How can anyone say that there was any merit whatsoever in being treated as less than human, at the time when these heinous acts were carried out?

– Quite a few hits

Under DeSantis, Florida has banned the teaching of critical race theory, which is recognized in academic circles structural racism located in the United States.

previously said to CNN This theory will teach students that “the country is in a state of chaos and our institutions are illegitimate”.

Eric Locke, Consultant at Civita.

Eirik Løkke is a consultant at Civita.

Photo: Tobias Broch Simonsen

– will appeal to those who believe the United States is supporting something positive. America’s expert Eric Locke at Civita tells NRK that the history of the United States, with its negative aspects, despite everything represents something good.

– They are hired by the often very loud wake up action often based at Ivy league universities. They talk about “the United States knows that we are guilty of all that is bad and difficult.”

The Woke movement sees DeSantis as a threat to the US he wants, says Løkke, and refers to a speech he gave when he was newly elected in Florida:

“Florida is where wakefulness comes in.”

– this affects quite a few Americans.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks at Cambridge Christian School in Tampa

At the end of July, DeSantis had 20% of the vote in Republican polls, behind Trump’s nearly 51.

Photo: Octavio Jones/Reuters

Prohibition of teaching children gender identity

On one day, he was said to have rejected the party’s conservative views on sexuality, according to the report The New York Times Magazine.

Now Florida’s identity politics is part of the DeSantis brand.

As part of a controversial education reform, he also imposed a ban on teaching sexual orientation and gender identity issues to all age groups.

Florida has one of the strictest state laws in the country when it comes to such education, and has been used as an example in this sense by other states, also according to FiveThirtyEight.

Florida Pride Parade

Participants in this year’s Pride parade in Florida also demonstrated against DeSantis’ law changes.

Photo: Jeffree Woo/AP

Critics have called for the new law to change the “Ikkje sei homo” (“Don’t say gay”) law.

Since then, many organizations in the United States have warned people of color and LGBT people not to travel to the state. NAACP He says Florida is now “overtly hostile” to them.

An elementary school teacher, Megan Meyer, spoke to CNN after she had to take down a pride flag hanging in her classroom in Sarasota, Florida.

– I think it’s an attack. Not only are teachers, especially LGBT+ teachers, she said, but she is an attack on our children.

When you marry a child, you marry all the children.

It will turn the United States into a big Florida

If he defies the polls and becomes the next president of the United States, DeSantis says he will change the entire country as he changed Florida.

Loki believes this is not a realistic aspiration.

The United States is so big and so diverse and there are so many competing interests.


DeSantis has previously said he would try to make the entire United States like Florida if he became president.

Photo: Joseph Prezioso/AFP

Countries like California and New York are very resistant. But it is clear that he could make an impact if he became president.

But right now, it seems unlikely that he will ever be elected president, Locke says.

– all these indictments and questions and lawsuits about everything that comes out of oxygen. So no other candidates have a chance to speak but Trump.

— but even those who support Trump don’t hate DeSantis. So he has some kind of plan, for now, to be the one to take over for Trump voters when Trump goes away, which is something he’s hoping for.

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