New satellite images show devastation in Mariupol – VG

New satellite images show devastation in Mariupol - VG

Mariupol has been under constant bombardment for several weeks. New satellite images show the devastation.


The port city of Mariupol has become almost a ghost town after weeks of bombing and street fighting that left large parts of the city in ruins.

Mariupol City Council said on Tuesday that the city was being beaten “to the ashes of a ‘dead ground'” after two large bombs hit the city. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on the same day that there was nothing left of the city.

On Wednesday, the Maksar satellite company published pictures of the city that was bombed.

The images show smoke rising from the fires in many residential areas and apartment complexes.

The battle of Mariupol inflicted heavy losses on the civilian population. Those who remained in the city hardly dared to come out of the shelters while they died Leave on the streets.

Ukrainian authorities estimated that several thousand people died in Mariupol, but there are no official figures for civilian deaths and injuries in Mariupol. Russia denies attacking civilian targets.

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Difficult to evacuate

The humanitarian situation in Mariupol It has long been described as catastrophic.

There is already a shortage of food and water and the authorities fear starvation. People with underlying illnesses are dying as a result of lack of health care and stress from the stresses of war.

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Written by Zaborona Media Editor-in-Chief, Katerina Sergetskova Twitter It is almost impossible to evacuate from Mariupol.

She herself is not in the besieged city, but cites the sources found there.

– The residents who left, tried not to leave their shelters because the Russians shoot at all moving targets, she writes.

According to Sergatskowa, it is almost impossible to evacuate from Mariupol now:

– People need cars, but most of them have been destroyed or stolen. Also there is no fuel. Some try to get out on foot. The flight can take several hours, under constant protection.

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Kyiv Independent journalist Anastasia Lapatina wrote on Twitter that she spoke to a woman who fled Mariupol with her children. Women wrote the children’s blood type on their bodies.

refuses to hand over the city

Russia has demanded that Ukraine extradite Mariupol By 4pm on Monday this week.

In an official letter, the Russian Defense Ministry issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their weapons and leave Mariupol, before they could offer to evacuate civilians.

But that did not happen.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereshchuk, has demanded humanitarian corridors instead

There is no room for any surrender or a ceasefire. “We have already informed the Russian side about this,” she said.

On Monday, European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell described the Russian attack on Mariupol as a “huge war crime”.

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