Russia, Ukraine | The United States: Russia is planning to attack itself

Russia, Ukraine |  The United States: Russia is planning to attack itself

He wrote that the United States had reports indicating that Russia was planning an attack on itself to justify the invasion of eastern Ukraine CNN And Reuters.

The plan of the Russians, according to an anonymous source, is to use explosives in sabotage operations against themselves, in the so-called “pseudo-science” operation.

The report comes on the same day that the Ukrainian Defense Ministry warned Russian special forces Preparing for “provocations” Against Russian military forces, this one plans to blame Ukraine.

– Military units in the aggressor country receive orders to prepare for such provocations. According to Ukrainian military intelligence, a meeting was held on January 13 […] Where it proved to individuals that the provocations were expected from Ukraine, the Ukrainian intelligence agency wrote on Facebook, according to the Russian news agency. Interfax.

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“Russia is laying the groundwork for an opportunity to concoct a pretext for an invasion,” US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said at a news conference Thursday.

– They came up with this trick in 2014. They’re doing the same thing again. We want more information to provide over the next 24 hours, Sullivan said at the time.

Russia says so The reports are baseless.

data attack

Ukraine is also referring to Russia after the country suffered a massive computer attack on Friday.

According to the first data, the attack originated in Russia, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information.

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The ministry says Russian media has already speculated that the attack will come in the wake of talks between Russia and Western countries this week.

Ukraine believes that Russia lost the talks because NATO will not bow to Russia’s demand to exclude Ukraine from joining the alliance at all.

Suggest conversations

Ukraine proposes trilateral talks on the threat of invasion as they meet with US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“President Zelensky has suggested to President Biden arranging a trilateral meeting, possibly in the form of a video conference, and we think it can be done,” says the Ukrainian president’s office chief at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

This week, the United States and its NATO allies held talks with Russia in an effort to ease tensions, but the three rounds of negotiations did not lead to results.

Russia has amassed around 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, leading to fears in NATO and the European Union that they are planning to invade the country. Russia says it has no such plans.

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