Police, Sunnfjord | Stop the German bus after several complaints of overtaking

Police, Sunnfjord |  Stop the German bus after several complaints of overtaking

A police patrol was finally forced to stop a German-registered bus on Sunday after police in the west and inland received numerous complaints of careless driving and ugly overtaking.

At 18.03 the bus stops at Skæil Sunfjord in Jølster.

The driver was a 50-year-old German. He has now been reported and will also see his driver’s license confiscated.

There is no doubt about intoxication.

– Buses don’t run very often

Stein Rune Halleraker, Operations Manager of the Western Police District, says he does not have the exact number of calls received by his police colleagues in the interior, but calls have come from different people.

The West Police District also received a call, so the police decided to take action.

– As the driving and the episodes are described, we chose to find the bus and stop it, says Hallraker.

– and really need to be sure here: when careless driving and overtaking are described, was the bus overtaking itself? Don’t drive in a way that encourages other drivers to overtake you?

– Yes, it was the bus that passed the others.

– It’s not normal, is it?

– No, you don’t often see buses driving past. Then Hellraker says it needs space and low speed, and insists he doesn’t know the details.

It is not known if there were others on board

But after the patrolmen stopped the bus and assessed the situation, the driver was so careless that the police decided to take away the driver’s license.

The patrol is also going and collecting evidence.

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The operations manager was not informed whether there were any tourists on the bus during the journey described. He also doesn’t know what will happen next on the bus or if there are others in the note who can drive it.

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