Commuter Housing, Norwegian Politics | Corruption in Sorting: created complete confusion about the investigation

Commuter Housing, Norwegian Politics |  Corruption in Sorting: created complete confusion about the investigation

Many prominent politicians thought that the police were investigating specific individuals. The police and the public prosecutor deny this.

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Created political earthquakes It is learned that the Oslo State Attorney’s Office (OST) on Thursday night ordered an inquiry Commuter housing cases in Sorting (see fact box below).

Background: There is an unbelievable explanation for the head of Sorting who is not credible

In a nutshell, the lawsuit alleges that Sorting’s delegates and ministers received passenger housing that they did not own. Police are now investigating whether any of the parliamentarians have committed any criminal offenses.

But the inquest order has caused confusion and many people associated with Storting and representatives of various parties in contact with Netavicen say they feel the police are investigating specific individuals.

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Facts about the passenger housing case

* Storting has 143 apartments in Oslo. These will meet the housing needs of Sporting representatives who are registered or actually reside within 40 km of the driving distance from Sporting.

* Reported Tuesday AddressCivisen Sporting leader Eva Christine Hanson (Labor) owned a passenger apartment, while she and her husband owned a house in Sky, 29 kilometers from Storting, in 2014. She had a registered address in an apartment owned by her party colleague Trond Kiske in Trondheim. It was only in 2017 that he switched to Sky and announced the cancellation of the passenger accommodation.

* On Thursday night, Hansen resigned. This comes after the Oslo Police District announced that it would launch a fraud investigation into passenger housing cases, following reports that at least six named MPs may have abused the rules.

* On September 5, Aftenposten revealed that Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, KrF leader and minister for children and families, lived free of charge in passenger apartments in Oslo. From 2009 to November 2020 he had a registered address in Akhtar with his parents. At the same time, he owns and rents out half of a semi-detached house in Lillestrom.

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* Robstadt resigned as minister and party leader on September 18 after learning that he had been granted free ministerial accommodation without paying taxes for the benefit.

* Postposton It has also reported on a number of politicians in passenger apartments from Storting who own rental homes in Oslo. Many delegates are residents with their parents or have registered and obtained travel homes. The rule is that if you do not have expenses for your own home, you should tax the benefit of free housing. This is practiced differently.

* The Office of the Auditor General has announced that it will reconsider passenger housing cases. Sorting’s administration will review all individual cases of possible violations of the rules.

* Sporting has also set up an external committee to review rules, guidelines and procedures.

proof’s: AddressCivision, Uptenboston, NTP, Sorting

– No suspects

Lars Erik Alfheim, head of the OST, said it was clear the case was “complex”, but that “no conclusive inquiry has yet been made into the case.”

Comment: The head of Storting misunderstood the tax on free housing for NOK 450,000

– The reason for sending the inquiry order was that throughout the autumn, especially in recent times, the media reported on the passenger housing scheme. Lars Erik Alphheim told Nettavisen, head of the Oslo state prosecutor’s office, that there are currently no suspects in the case (Thursday night) but that the investigation is trying to establish whether there is any basis for suspicion.

– Inquiry order issued by us. No specific reports have been filed, but we leave it up to the police to investigate whether any crime was committed, its extent, and who may have committed it.

You can read about the rules for passenger accommodation here.

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On Friday morning, Nettavisen contacted police inspector Ole Rasmus Knudsen, who wanted to say the least about the investigation.

– Now that we have the order, we will sit down and work on it. He told Netavisen that there should be some time to look into the case now.

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Late on Friday, the Oslo Police District sent out a press release in which they also clarified that none of the specific individuals were under investigation.

β€œThe Oslo Police District held an internal meeting today and is now looking into the structure and organization of the investigation.

There are currently no suspects, They also write.

The online newspaper contacted Marianne Andreassen, director of Storting Thursday night, but she declined to comment. Sorting did not respond to ten questions we emailed him.

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So, there was confusion

During a debate on the NRK on Thursday night, the parliamentary leader of the Labor Party (Labor Party) said it had launched a police investigation against the six named. The leader of the Socialist Left Party (SV) is similar in content to Adun Lisbakken.

The OST Inquiry Order states:

⁇In the fall, a possible misinterpretation of the above terms emerged through the media by at least six named members of Storting. Several elected representatives spoke to the media.

Words “At least six named persons” Is the key to chaos. After the trial order was known Thursday night, Eva chose Christine Hanson (Labor). Resign as chairman of Sporting.

Hansen himself said he thought he was one of six Sorting politicians currently under investigation in commuter housing cases.

These top politicians are under critical scrutiny over commuter housing cases:

In the earlier days, when she did not have a formal title in Sorting, she was pressured to explain how to own a commuter apartment.

– At present, no decision has been made as to how far back. I do not wish to comment on the purpose of the inquiry. Now we have started, says Alfheim.

– At present, there are no specific individuals targeting the inquiry order, however The case is complicated. For my part, no particular decision has been made about how the investigation will develop. But was ordered to be precisely exposed If Some have committed criminal offenses.

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Inquire without review

– Since this case is a matter of investigating possible frauds of social funds, how important or principled is this case?

– Hard to say. The investigation has been launched and we hope it will provide some answers.

Alfheim says the police have not received any complaints in this case. But the police can start the investigation on their own or on the orders of the prosecuting officer, for example the public prosecutor.

This is regulated by the Criminal Procedure Code Paragraph 224 Where it is called: “Investigations are carried out when there are reasonable grounds to investigate whether there is a criminal offense being prosecuted by public authorities as a result of a statement or other circumstance.”

– In light of recent times, especially recent developments, we believe that the investigation was justified.

– When did you start considering ordering an investigation?

– I do not want to comment on that.

– Did you know about the Robstot case then? At some point, you should have started a discussion internally.

– Of course we have noticed that there are many cases throughout the fall and we are constantly evaluating how to handle it, says Alfheim.

Passenger housing case with former Minister for Children and Families Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) Exploded first this fall.

– Why did you not order an inquiry after learning of the Robstad case?

– This is an overall assessment, which means we now believe there is a reasonable reason to investigate cases involving passenger homes.

– Can more people be investigated than the cases that came out in the media this fall?

– I do not want to speculate about the purpose.

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