VGS student diagnosed with infectious tuberculosis in Hamar – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

VGS student diagnosed with infectious tuberculosis in Hamar – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– Fellow students and teachers identified as infected have received information from the municipal superintendent, Yvonne Hagerup, municipal superintendent in Hamar, said in a press release.

Non-contact students and others are assumed not to be infected. They don’t need to take any action.

It was Hamer Arbiderblad (HA) He was the first to mention the subject.

In total, around 30 people in the concerned school have been affected by the infection. They are regularly monitored by the municipal superintendent and the health center in their own municipality.

HA: – teaching normally

According to guidelines for TB testing, people who have been infected should be tested 8-10 weeks later to determine whether they have become infected.

– So it is not possible to know if anyone has been infected yet, but the risk is low, the municipality of Hamar writes in a press release.

The school’s principal, Ingvild Rønn Sætre, did not wish to comment on the matter to NRK. she says want Teaching in the school is going on as usual.

– Tuberculosis is a serious but not contagious disease. The school writes that only long-term and close contact with someone with pulmonary tuberculosis is considered at risk of infection. Website.

serious illness

Tuberculosis is caused by the tuberculosis bacteria. The usual mode of infection is droplet infection from a person who coughs up the bacteria.

The disease most commonly affects the lungs, but can also infect other organ systems such as the meninges, lymph nodes, intestinal tract, bones, joints, and kidneys. Health Norway.

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Tuberculosis is common all over the world and is considered as one of the biggest health problems in the world.

Norway on the other hand is one of the countries with the least disease.

Until 1997, there was a decline in the number of tuberculosis cases in Norway, but there has been a marked increase in recent years.

Last year, 174 cases of tuberculosis were diagnosed in Norway FHI.

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