Ukraine: This is how British engineers will help in the fight against the Russian war

Ukraine: This is how British engineers will help in the fight against the Russian war

Ukrainian civil engineers have been trained by British Army engineers on how to defend the country’s energy sector against Russian attacks this winter. And he informs British authorities.

Last winter, Russia bombed important infrastructure such as electricity supplies in order to freeze the Ukrainian population.

Damage and destruction to critical infrastructure caused by Russian missile and drone attacks is one of the biggest threats posed by Russia next winter.

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Ukrainian demand

The two-week training was carried out at the request of Ukraine.

The training took place at a British gas station, a military airfield and a port facility.

The British Ministry of Defense says that Ukrainian civil engineers have learned how to determine the potential explosion radius and the impact of various weapons and explosives.

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– Highly motivated

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said it was vital that Ukraine got the help it needed to protect civilians during the winter.

“Ukraine’s civilian population faces deadly danger daily from Putin’s forces and their indiscriminate bombing of its critical infrastructure,” he says.

Major Michael Suddaby, who led the training, has no doubt that what the Ukrainian engineers learned will be used in the coming weeks.

– The Ukrainian participants were highly motivated and will be able to use the special forces and infrastructure assessment methods they received at the course to support their country, says Suddaby.

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