Pig ran – Hans Morton (300kg) escaped

Pig ran - Hans Morton (300kg) escaped

– I was afraid we should shoot him. He may have done a lot of damage to the neighborhood and other animals. Hans Morton is almost like a wild boar, but at the same time he is very kind.

This is what Sebastian Kozlovsi, the owner of the 300kg robber Hans Morton, who escaped from his home in Solur on Friday, had to say.

It was Glomdalen Was the first to write about the fugitive.

– Like a moose

Dagbladet does not know how old the pig is, but Kozlovsky says that the Mangalite pig or woolly pig can run at 70 kilometers per hour at Hans Morten.

Kozlowi describes the collision with Hans Morton as dangerous.

– He says it’s almost like meeting a moose.

The owner was on duty in Oslo when he learned of the incident. When he returned home, he found the pig sleeping in the field next door.

Ribs on Roman: This pig was close to being slaughtered – so it ran away. Reporter: Bjørge Dahle Johansen. Video: Private
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Got control

Thus, the owner took advantage of that opportunity.

Together with a neighbor, they found the rope and wire and tied it to Hans Morton’s legs.

– We tested for about 50 minutes. Then we tied the rope to the towbar and took him back to the barn. At the same time someone was walking in the back of the car. Everything went well, says Kozlovsky.

Home Guard

The pig was acquired by owner Hans Morton a week ago. He already has two seeds, but the owner does not believe it was the love issues that led to the robber’s behavior.

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– He wants to be outside and accustomed to Norwegian nature.

For now, though, Hans Morton should be within two to three weeks.

– The destroyed fence should be strengthened so that it does not happen again. Until then he should be in the barn.

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