– Apartments are very few

– Apartments are very few

A social disease? If you are a student, you must be out of accommodation at the start of the semester. The picture was taken from Bergen last year. Photo: Private

In University City, 3,200 people are already on a waiting list for student housing.

– Christine Sandoy (20) tells VG that we are not demanding.

He is one of those on the waiting list for student accommodation. At the same time, she is looking at the private market.

Together with a friend, he tries to find two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom in Bergen.

But this is not an easy task. For two months, the woman from Forte has been reaching out to landlords – without success.

– I feel like I send messages to landlords every day. They say either I don't get a response or a lot of people are interested.

VG has mentioned earlier that rental prices have gone up. The three students have been looking for an apartment in Oslo since January.

Christine Sande
Christine Sande


But one thing is certain:

Students face housing problems not only in the capital.

3,200 in the waiting list

Already a month before the application responses are ready at Samortnet Optuk, 3,200 students are on the waiting list in Bergen.

– It's completely packed. This year we see that it is completely earlier compared to other years, says Amalie Lunde, president of the student union in Western Norway.

Last year, there were fewer than 3,000 people on waiting lists.

– We expect the number of applicants to increase as the responses from Samortnet Opak come in.

Last year, about 22 students in Bergen had to start the semester sleeping in a common room. Homeless students received a similar offer in Oslo.

With increased demand, Studentskipnaden in Western Norway has already started planning this year.

– We are preparing to keep students on mattresses in the dormitory, Lunde says.

– Now we see which solutions we should go to, and we can adjust the number. We prepare everything from lighting, curtains and management and maintenance.

Student Santoi feels that everything is starting to rush.

– We felt a little helpless. It is scary not knowing if we have a place to live. We both start studying at the beginning of August.

But she's not alone in her concerns.

– Finding housing in Bergen is definitely a big challenge. says Kaja Indahl Hovdenac, president of the University of Bergen's student parliament.

Gaja Inkthal Hovdenac
Gaja Inkthal Hovdenac

President of the Student Parliament at the University of Bergen

In addition to the fact that prices are rising significantly in the private market, Hovdenak believes that the level of student housing protection in the city is very low.

– Of course if you can find a place, getting a roof over your head in a squeezed market is very stressful.

– Just before starting the course, many students face the same problem, which makes it even more difficult. It's a big moment when a lot of things have to be put in place, and it's a rough start to student life, Hovdenak says.

Nina Langland of the Student Board in Oslo says they expect high demand due to available housing and high prices on the private market.

Earlier this year, when students went to a screening in Oslo, V.G. Watch the video here:

Invites to apply

Lunde in the student council in western Norway has clear advice for all students planning to move to Bergen:

– Search student housing and search the private market.

If you're not sure if you'll still get a study place – or you want to look on the private market, there's nothing stopping you queuing up for student accommodation.

If you are offered housing, you are allowed to leave it.

If you end up in a dormitory and then get student housing, Student Gipnadon will deduct the amount you spent on a dormitory in the first month from the student housing rent.

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