Great Fire at Homersack Harbour

Great Fire at Homersack Harbour

A number of sea houses caught fire at Homersack in Sandness.

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110 Sør-Vest responded to a fire in a building on the seafront in Hommersag at midnight on Thursday.

They wrote that several sea houses and a boat were on fire. There will also be firefighting from the boat.

— The fire was out of control and VG was informed by 110 Central shortly after.

Stavanger Aftenblad writes that fire crews are reported to be under control at 01.10.

— There is a risk of spread, but there should be no danger to apartments or houses, said duty manager Christer Gilberg at 110 Sør-vest.

In an update from the police, it is clear that a houseboat was on fire.

Police tell VG they received multiple witness accounts of fireworks or sparks exploding.

– We can’t rule this out and further investigation will reveal it, says operations manager Doc Steinkopf.

VG has also spoken to a witness from a neighbor’s house in the seaside area who claims to have seen and heard fireworks going off.

– After some time, I saw two people carrying something in a bag and leaving the place, says the neighbor.

Operations manager Steinkopf said police would try to collect video surveillance footage if it was available in the area.

After midnight, VG asked the duty manager at 110 if there was a need to evacuate:

Right now the wind direction is on our side. We monitor it. If that changes, it will be up to the police to join us in making the decision to evacuate

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On Twitter/X they write that there should be no buildings where people live.

The police were working to put out the fire throughout the night.

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