Ransom demanded after cyber attack

Ransom demanded after cyber attack

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The “click & collect” service for duty-free shops at Norway's biggest airports has been out of service for weeks following a hacker attack.

– Håkon Tagestad tells VG that we will rise again next week.

He is the Director of Duty Free Travel Retail Norway. The company has duty-free shops at airports in Oslo, Flesland in Bergen, Varnes in Trondheim and Sola in Stavanger.

The service, which enables customers to pre-order goods at four major airports in Norway, is popular and used by thousands of travelers.

– There was a hacker attack that took away some of the services we needed at the end of January, among others, “click and collect,” Dagestad said. Your page Earlier this week.

For several weeks, the duty-free online shop has not settled as well as some prices for goods, the newspaper said.

– They wanted money

In recent months, several large Norwegian companies have suffered computer attacks. In October, Norwegian authorities had to deal with a serious cyber incident against Norway.

Tagestat says no personal or customer data was leaked after the attack.

It took time to rebuild the system.

– We have taken many steps, but everything is now cloud-based rather than our own servers, he tells VG.

– Do you know who did the attack?

– We know who it is, but don't say it publicly on the recommendation of cyber security experts to avoid attracting the attention of hackers. He says they wanted money, but they didn't get it.

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The data attack has become costly for the company, which has estimated the cost and declined to comment because the process is still ongoing.

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