Global collapse warnings: –

Global collapse warnings: -

The world’s transportation systems are on the brink of collapse, which has been warned in an open letter to the UN, world leaders, the World Health Organization and the ILO.

The senders are none other than the global interest organizations on the employer and employee side for the majority of all transport companies in the world.

The drawn picture is dangerous to say the least.

Transport workers have kept world trade under conditions demanded by epidemics. Not least, we have made sure that vaccines and safety equipment have arrived. Since the outbreak, we have strongly and clearly urged governments and authorities to ensure the independent movement of transport workers. And again and again we were deceived and taken for granted, which is said among other things Unusually harsh letter.

Great sale

Global transport workers put forward two demands: the International Road Transport Association (IRU), the International Civil Aviation Organization (IATA), the International Shipping Owners Federation (ICS) and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITWF).

  • Free and safe movement across borders for global transport staff.
  • Advances in the vaccine line, in line with long-drawn training lines drawn up by the World Health Organization.

– Government leaders do not listen and do not take responsibility. But they are still blaming each other, the letter added.

The four international interest groups together emphasize that they represent the most accounting industries $ 20,000 billion Of world trade. Member companies work on top 65 million transport workers More than 3.5 million road transport and airlines and More than 80 percent of the world’s merchant navy.

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– Marines, crew and pilots must continue their work and cross borders to operate supply chains. We read of one of the many calls in the letter to hold heads of government accountable, to contribute to integrated travel rules and to lift restrictions affecting global supply chains and to severely affect the health and well-being of our international transport workers.

– Heavy load

Harold Solberg, CEO of the Norwegian Ship Owners Association, had no problem supporting the content of the letter.

There is no doubt that the load of the Marines was very high during the epidemics. Internationally, only one in five Marines is vaccinated. This means that the vast majority of Marines must comply with more stringent infection control measures, isolations and entry restrictions, Solberg tells Parsons.

One of its consequences, the ship owner insists, is that group changes are still difficult to make.

According to the International Ship Owners Association, 400,000 sailors are stranded on ships around the world’s oceans, often during epidemics. Many of them have now worked for 18 months beyond their original contracts, as emphasized in an open letter to UN and world leaders.

“The already shattered global supply chain is under further pressure as a result of continued neglect by the authorities. We are now seeing unparalleled disruptions and global delays. Major commodities, including electronics, food, fuel and medical equipment, are being affected. Appears to be “a stern warning from global transport systems.

Integration fails

Solberg in the Norwegian Ship Owners Association agrees:

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– Due to the lack of international coordination of documents and approval of vaccines, there are still many vaccinated sailors subject to travel restrictions. He tells Parsons that better international coordination around vaccination and immunization status is important for the Navy to address many of the challenges faced by sailors and shipping companies since the onset of the epidemic.

It is important to note that Norwegian authorities will now issue vaccines to foreign sailors in Norway, but that is not enough, the shipowner adds.

Demand Action: Harold Solberg, Managing Director of the Norwegian Ship Owners Association, stands behind the startling clear letter of the leading organizations interested in the transport industry.  Photo: Norwegian Ship Owners Association

Demand Action: Harold Solberg, Managing Director of the Norwegian Ship Owners’ Association, stands behind the startling clear letter from leading organizations interested in the transportation industry. Photo: Norwegian Ship Owners Association
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– This should be a priority internationally so that all sailors can be vaccinated and travel unhindered to and from work, says Solberg.

– How is it possible for us to be in this disability after an epidemic?

The United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) has already come up with a protocol on how to carry out safe group changes in May 2020. Fewer countries have implemented this. This is one of the reasons why there are so many problems with the navy and shipping today, says Harold Solberg, senior manager of the Norwegian Ship Owners Association.

Escape and Abstinence

As if this were not enough warning, international transport companies and associations are warning about another important point, namely suspension and recruitment.

– We are seeing an increase in staff shortages. We expect more people to leave the industry as a result of poor treatment during epidemics. This puts noisy supply chains under even greater pressure, which is one of many serious concerns.

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