News, Bjørnafjorden | Considering reporting cat lady in Os

News, Bjørnafjorden |  Considering reporting cat lady in Os

Last week, several sightings of a big cat were made in Sørstrøno in the municipality of Bjørnafjorden. The animal was walking down the street, and both the police and the Norwegian Environment Agency are involved in the case.

The big question is whether it could be an imported service originally native to the African savannas.

– An accident

On Friday evening, the owner informed a local newspaper Middle side. She could tell the animal had come home and confirmed it was a rooster.

And the cat lady said that the rooster was two years old and had been taken to some other country.

– I know what I did was illegal. At the same time, I tried to do everything right. He is neutered and vaccinated, I walk him daily on a pad and he has his own ventilation.

He tells Mitsiden that its disappearance was an accident and that he hopes Norway’s environment agency will let him keep the rooster.

Considers reporting

Norway’s Environment Agency says it takes the illegal trade in wild animals very seriously.

– We are considering whether to file a police report on the matter. Pets are not allowed, says Nils Kristian Groenvik, a senior adviser at Norway’s Environment Agency.

He spoke first about developments in the case NRK. This week he will meet with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

– Among other things, we must agree on what to do if the owner and the animal are found. Animals often have to be killed as a result of such illegal trade. The risk you take by bringing in illegal animals. These animals are not allowed in the home, Cronwyck told PA.

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As of now, neither the Norwegian Environment Agency nor the Norwegian Food Safety Authority know who owns it.


– We are not actively working to find them, the police should take care of it if necessary.

A serval is about one meter long and weighs about 20 kilograms.

– These animals are in danger of extinction and are on the list of species that should not be traded, Grønvik says.

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