Kangaroo on the loose east of Aktor – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Kangaroo on the loose east of Aktor – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

It was a special trip to the home of 19-year-old Sebastian Malmström in Gjerstad on Sunday evening.

– I saw something on the way. He says he thought it was a deer at first.

But that was not what he encountered on the inner roads of Aktor municipality.

– I was harassed by a kangaroo!

Malmström tells NRK that he has to look twice before realizing where it is.

– I was a bit surprised. He says it was very special.

Sebastian Malmstrøm saw an unusual animal on his way home for the weekend.

Photo: Private

– Probably fatter than before

The kangaroo actually lives in Den Lilly Tyrehagen in Brockland Hea in Gjerstad.

– Now we have a kangaroo who is on an excursion. “We had an accident because an employee was a bit confused by a gate,” says Animal Manager Nils Harald Rierson.

Reinertsen says kangaroos are pack animals, and a missing member often likes to visit other people’s homes.

– It’s hot, it feels good. It will be fatter than before.

A kangaroo is actually like a goat, deer or elk in the food chain.

It eats grass, leaves and shrubs.

– Now it’s in the middle of the dinner plate and it’s like the yolk in an egg.

Don’t get too close

The zookeeper is determined to recover the kangaroo, but urges those who may see it not to approach the animal.

– It’s not dangerous, but it can become stressed and move away, says Reirsen.

But if someone wants to see a kangaroo, they will be very happy.

Nils Harald Riersen at Ten Lilly Direhage in Brockland Hea, Gjerstad.

Nils Harald Rierson is among the kangaroos, which are housed in Den Lille Direhage at Proklandia in Gjerstad.

Photo: Leif Dalen / NRK

Just a few years ago

A few years ago, some lemurs escaped from the same zoo in Borglandia.

– Losing an animal is never fun. We need to tighten procedures and sharpen ourselves, says Ryerson.

When the lemurs went on an excursion a few years ago, a zookeeper reported that some guests let them out.

Now he hopes the kangaroo will soon return to his pack.

– It will be found again, we know it is somewhere nearby. But for someone else it might be a slightly different experience at night.

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