“Skytornado” amazes meteorologist: – Never seen before

“Skytornado” amazes meteorologist: – Never seen before

The Meteorological Agency on Saturday reported what they termed a small “cloud cyclone” outside Kvaloja in Tromsø.

– We’ve never seen this before, so it’s been really fun to follow the development since this morning – all of a sudden the fog clouds started to spin like a hurricane or tornado, weather consultant Trent Robertson tells Talkbladet.

He responded to the event from the Meteorological Institute’s office in Tromsø, where it had been visible from the ground the previous day.

It became visible on the hillside before melting as it came towards land.

Robertson explains that the small “hurricane in the sky” came with weak winds on the coast due to low fog clouds and met cold northeasterly winds from the north.

– Then the clouds spiral towards the sun, says Robertson.

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