Disadvantage: – Refuses to respond

Disadvantage: – Refuses to respond

– I can’t find it anywhere!, complains a colleague.

– Did you find Skruf No54?, asks a friend.

Over the past couple of weeks, the snus variety also known as Super White No54 Fresh S4 from the Swedish brand Skruf has been very hard to come by.

– Long term sold out

When the undersigned asked an employee at a local store in Oslo early last week, he was able to say the following:

– He replied that it says it has been sold out for a long time, and that doesn’t apply only to us.

Snuff Blister on Menu: – Never experienced anything like this

At the time of writing, the snuff variety was also sold at several online snuff retailers.

I managed to buy a weak and strong variant of the same type last week, but these were eventually sold out in several places in Oslo.

Vacant in Trendlog

And scarcity is not limited to the capital.

The undersigned is now traveling in Trøndelag and it is impossible to get the snus variety here either.

The 7-Eleven at Trondheim Airport is empty, the Coop Extra in Mære is empty and the Rema 1000 in Sørsia in Steinkjer is empty.

A store employee at the concerned Rema 1000 store said that many customers say they are looking around town without success.

Confirms the problem

Coop Obs in Amfi Steinkjer can report that it received a small delivery on Thursday, but at the same time confirms that it has been empty for a long time.

On Friday morning, they have a total of eight boxes of the type of snuff in question.

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Alerts snuffers to: - Major consequences

Alerts snuffers to: – Major consequences

Dagbladet asked Swedish Skruf Snus AB several questions by email, but received a relatively brief response.

– We are clear that the Norwegian market currently has issues with equities. We have taken steps to correct this, explains the company’s legal spokesperson Joachim Jacobsen to Dagbladet.

They will not answer

He promises to be able to buy Skruf No54 again soon.

– The problems are short-term and will be resolved in the coming weeks, he says.

So no tax is due

So no tax is due

– But you cannot tell the reason why this problem arose?

– He replied that due to competition law restrictions, he could not elaborate on what caused this.

Dagbladet has made several attempts to contact Skruf’s distributor in Norway, Imperial Tobacco Norway, since Monday. They have yet to respond to our inquiry.

For those who are now wondering if Coop Obs in Amphi Steinkjer still has eight boxes left: No, because the journalist bought scraps and pieces. Best of all, there’s no risk of running out during the Steinger festival.

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