Extreme weather “Hans” – will be closed tonight

Extreme weather “Hans” – will be closed tonight

In recent days, extreme weather “hans” has devastated many parts of the country. Heavy rainfall has created dangerous conditions with landslides and floods, among other things, and residents of the Viken and Innlandet areas have had to be evacuated in the past 24 hours.

During a conference meeting with Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Storr and Minister of Justice and Emergencies Emilie Enger Mehl on Wednesday evening, NVE said it fears the risk of flooding in the following lakes in the future: Randsfjorden, Sperillen, Tyrifjorden, Krøderen and Øyeren.

Severe weather led to flooding and closed roads in large parts of the “Hance” country. A red alert has been issued for parts of southern Norway due to rain, flooding and landslides. Video: Dagbladet TV, NTB, Rune Stenslette, Thomas Mørch.
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Closes E134

E134 is closed in the evening, and fv. Drammensveien at 2708 Mjøndalen, the Swedish Road Administration reports in a press release.

– The water from the river Drammen is creeping upwards and the reason is that we now have to close the E134 between Hokksund and Mjøndalen in the first instance, says Lasse Berge at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

– We will close all routes to Drammen within the next 24 hours. The road will be closed tonight, but the detour is fine, he insists.

- always bigger

– always bigger

Detour will be via fv. 283. Detour signposted.

Fv. Drammensveien at 2708 Mjøndalen, under the railway in Shell, will be closed in the evening.

Drammensvästraget: There was a lot of water on the Drammensvästraget on Wednesday afternoon.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet

Drammensvästraget: There was a lot of water on the Drammensvästraget on Wednesday afternoon. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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Closed roads and railways

The extreme weather has caused chaos on Norwegian roads and public transport in the south. All major roads between Oslo and Trondheim are closed, write State Highway Authority.

Among the roads closed inland Wednesday evening were:

  • The E6 is closed between Dovre and Opddal
  • County road 51 between Vågå, Øystre Slidre and Vang is closed
  • County Road 55 between Lome and Luster is closed
  • County road 258 between Skjåk and Stryn is closed
  • County road 2204 between Ringebu and Stor-Elvdal is closed
  • County road 2442 between Værskei and Lenningen is closed

Among the roads closed in Wigan on Wednesday evening were:

  • The E134 is closed between Hokksund and Mjøndalen
  • Fylkesvei 2708 Drammensveien in Mjøndalen is closed
  • County Road 50 is closed between Hole and Orland
  • Highway 7 is closed at many places including Gol, Nesbein, Al, Soghna.
  • Fylkesvei 2910 near Nesbyen is closed
  • Fv. 2882 ​​Parnas Bridge at Ringerike is closed
  • Fv. 2288 Søndre Brokerud in Lunnar is closed

For a complete overview of closed roads, it is recommended to consult the map of the Swedish Road Administration Here.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration otherwise recommends checking traffic reports and following weather forecasts before driving, see also varsom.no.

You can find traffic information for mountain passes and roads exposed to the weather Here.

Taking action: fear of eviction hotels

Taking action: fear of eviction hotels

The following train lines are closed on Wednesday evening:

  • Bergensbanen: Closed between Hønefoss and Finse. said Olav Nordli, news officer at Bane NOR Bergen’s Dente The Bergen Railway will be closed Wednesday, Thursday and probably longer days ahead of Wednesday. A fresh assessment is expected at 10 am on Thursday.
  • Raumapanen: Closed between Tombas and Andalsnes. New update on Thursday at 10 am.
  • Tovrepanen: closed between Lillehammer and Storen, as well as between Eindhoven and Lillehammer. A new update is expected between 10 am and midnight on Thursday.
  • Rorospanen: closed between Hamar and Roros, as well as between Hamar and Storn. A new update is expected at 11 a.m.
  • Gardermobanen: closed between Lilleström and Eidsvoll due to flooding. New update on Thursday at 09.00.
  • Kongsvingerbanen: Closed between Lillestrom and Kongsvinger. New update on Thursday at 09.00.
  • Main line: Closed between Lilleström and Dall (Eidsvoll) due to partial flooding. New update on Thursday at 10 am.

All traffic reports for Bane Nor are available Here.

Leave the cabin

On Wednesday, the Road Transport Center advised people to give up cabin travel over the weekend.

– They should put that project on hold. This is no time to travel to a cabin in the mountains. If they’re going to travel, they need to look up information about their destination, says Cato Loken, director of operations and maintenance. Pinposton.

Train is also not a good alternative mode of transport to get to the cabin. Hovedbanen, Dovrebanen and Bergensbanen are all closed in various sections.

– We need to control how much water is under the rail. Before releasing the trains, ensure that the ground is firm. Safety comes first, says Henning Breitback, Acting CEO of Ban Nor.

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