Notes on DAP and Bluetooth – NRK disappears from TuneIn

Notes on DAP and Bluetooth – NRK disappears from TuneIn

As much has been written about kode24, NRK will carry its podcasts with it, and you should now use NRK for most tax-funded radio programs. own Applications to hear.

Now NRK content is disappearing from another platform:

NRK combines all live broadcasts from the TuneIn radio app with channels from the P4 group.

Be warned

TuneIn is probably the largest service for listening to live radio online, with over 100,000 channels available.

According to NRK, TuneIn users will be notified starting Monday, December 11 that their broadcasts will be terminated.

But when we try kode24 on Monday afternoon, we first get an ad for the NRK radio app, where nothing is said about NRK. disappearsBefore the NRK channel started running as usual.

“TuneIn is the world’s largest radio distributor and many people use this platform when listening to radio via Sonos, Google and some cars,” writes Kathinga Rondon, radio manager at NRK. In an informative article.

“Distribution through third parties like TuneIn can offer many benefits, but overall it costs more than it tastes. Because they become gateways between us and viewers. That’s why we want viewers to switch to platforms that NRK controls itself.”

You have to know what you want

“NRK has a clear strategy to become less dependent on distribution through third parties. If NRK is to fulfill its social mission in the future as well, we must have full editorial and press control. We must know what the audience is asking and how. All these conditions are on our own platforms. are only protected,” Rondon continues.

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“NRK wants the Norwegian, author-controlled media to have better conditions for their operations. That’s better for the public and our democracy. So it’s important that NRK stands together with P4 and that we push back together.”

“For many listeners, the direct option will provide significant improvements in terms of better sound quality. For us, we know what you like and don’t like, and most importantly, we are in control all the way, from the moment the content is sent from us until you find it, which is the principle behind our entire existence.” So we have to protect,” reports the radio manager.

Picture: NRK Banks TV 2, Netflix, Disney+

Tesla drivers are reacting

Among other things Tesla Model 3 Norwegian team On Facebook, many have responded that the offer is disappearing as some prefer to listen to NRK through Tesla’s TuneIn app as opposed to DAB.

Rondon shows in the NRK article For an overview Regarding how to listen to NRK’s ​​radio channels online without TuneIn, Tesla drivers are offered the following options:

“On a Tesla you can use DAB or NRK radio via Bluetooth from another device.”

Another option for some users is to watch live streams of NRK

Image: NRK email before podcast talk

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