Farm, Hashar Aziz | The first champion selection takes an unexpected turn: – Good luck advances

Farm, Hashar Aziz |  The first champion selection takes an unexpected turn: - Good luck advances

On Wednesday evening, Big Farmer will prepare for the second first round of the season Don-Harvard Johnson (54), or “Mayor” as he’s called on the farm, has to decide who he wants to send to war.

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In addition to the big and heavy weekly tasks, it is the Big Farmer’s duty and privilege to appoint the first champion to fight later in the week. So there is a risk that the first giant will have to leave the farm.

– The person I ended up with was not the person I originally imagined. I ended up with a man who threatened to return to the game. He has the physique and toughness to do it, the big farmer explained before revealing who he had chosen.

He puts the work down

It will quickly turn into a tense situation if the big farmer appoints Hashar Aziz (34) as the season’s first male champion.

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Many of the participants were wondering who the champion of the week would be, but when the choice was made, Aziz made an unexpected choice. He doesn’t want to contribute anything more to this week’s work and is now gathering his strength for Sunday’s fight.

– I saw that coming, but let me know that I will be stepping down from the weekly assignment. Good luck, Aziz says before getting up and leaving.

Aziz quickly quits the group after the election, and when the other contestants come to see him, he tells them it’s okay. He doesn’t want any support or sympathy from anyone, but has decided not to work for the rest of the week.

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– On the part of the husher, I think it would be foolish to stop working. I can understand that being chosen hurts and you want to save energy, but I think he made a bit of a stupid choice in the way he said it and the way he did it, says Stine Engan.

Big Farmer Johnson also wonders how Aziz is taking the news that he will be the next man to battle.

– A little surprised by the reaction. I didn’t think it would hit the hasher so hard. If he does come back, his reaction will actually be the epitome of trouble, says Big Farmer Johnson.

Don’t want to create a bad environment

Aziz, a policeman from Kongsberg, surprised many of the other participants with his reaction to the election.

It remains to be seen if the worst conditions will prevail later in the week When Netavisen met the participants before they entered the farm Aziz was clear that he had no plans to create a bad environment during his stay.

– I hope I can be a happy person that everyone can feel a little safe and talk to. But I’m not afraid to speak up, I’m not afraid of debate, he said at the time before continuing:

– I can quickly throw a little extra fuel on the fire because I know it frustrates others. It’s something I occasionally think is funny, but I don’t go out of my way to create a bad situation.

However, in the event of an argument, he would be as truthful as possible, and he didn’t plan to stand in the yard yelling and screaming to get his points across.

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– I would say that as much as possible I try to be honest and treat others with a certain respect. But of course I speak clearly and take a responsibility.

– But I’m not going to stand and look down on people, because I expect everyone to come with life experience and a certain understanding of how things come together, he concluded.

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