NRK Debate, Increased Interest Rates | Rage after “debate”: – Cowardice by TNP

NRK Debate, Increased Interest Rates |  Rage after “debate”: – Cowardice by TNP

– Why is the DNB guy running now? Cowardice by TNP.

This was one of the many messages that surfaced on various social media after the “discussion” on NRK on Tuesday evening.

– Sorry, @DNB_Bank. No one trusts the super smooth guy you sent to NRK.

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Banks interest rate party slaughtered in “debate”: – It couldn’t be more provocative

TNP dropped out of the “debate”.

Tuesday’s edition of “The Debate” focused on DNB and several recent interest rate hikes.

Even DNB’s information director Westerveld answered questions at the beginning of the broadcast, but as the debate began, host Friedrich Solwang said:

– I promised you that you would be allowed to leave us. Thanks for showing up, Solvang said.

No further explanation was given as to why TNP should not participate in the debate.

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New loan customers have to pay 8 percent interest

Labor veteran Martin Kohlberg took part in the debate and responded that a representative from DNB had left the studio and said he did not want to take part in the debate.

– First of all, I think it’s a shame that he’s leaving now, and we’re going to discuss what he says, Kohlberg tells the plenary.

– That is the condition, answered Solvang.

– I understand that, but I still think it’s a shame, because it’s not necessary, he tells the host.

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Leave a communication man in the lurch

19 billion in dividends

In the project, DNB was faced with the fact that they would pay 19 billion in dividends to their owners.

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According to TNP’s information director, it is the state that determines the dividend. The government, together with Folketrygdfondet, holds a 50 percent stake in the bank.

He also denied that banks do not have a large interest rate party.

– We’ve never had mortgage margins this low. Westerveld at DNP said that banks’ earnings from mortgages are the lowest they’ve been in 30 years.

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Analysis: Banks profit hugely from interest rate break – consumers miss out on about 700 million

– Arrogant!

Not everyone liked DNB’s answers.

– I think this is an arrogant act of the representative of TNP. One commented that he was now strongly considering switching banks from DNB.

Others believed that the DNB did little to answer their questions:

– This must be a Norwegian entry to not answer the questions below #nrkdebat writes someone from TNP Infotype.

– It’s a bit unbelievable that someone is using DNB. Such a sly eel who sends to the discussion, refuses to answer the questions and writes another one.

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Roper warns: – can cause big problems

That is why TNP is not submitted

Netavisen contacted DNB to get an answer as to why the bank did not want to participate in the discussion. We also asked why the bank’s chief executive, Kerstin Bratton, did not appear in the studio.

– Why weren’t you at the discussion yesterday?

– NRK invited us to respond to criticisms of TNB, and we stood up to respond to “The Debate”, says Kari Wardall Rice, director of communications at TNB.

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– Politicians decide the rules for the financial sector, and DNB is partly state-owned, and it is not natural to discuss these rules with our own owners and regulators, he says.

– Why don’t you stand up to DNB’s CEO Kjerstin Braathen?

– DNB fielded a representative from the bank’s group management, which is the bank’s top management, says Rice.

Nettavisen asked for a more detailed explanation as to why CEO Kjerstin Braathen did not apply. TNP did not respond to this.

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Many banks set interest rates

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