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It was only in October that the police in Nortland chose to prosecute the prosecutor for embezzling nearly NOK 7 million from a client account.

Inheritance where money is distributed on behalf of a customer.

– This kind of case is not common to us.

This is what Police Inspector Stephen Ravnasen tells the NRK.

Police Inspector Steffen Ravnåsen said police aim to complete the investigation before the summer.

Photo: Remi Eilertsen / Aurora Borealis

Began the investigation

The case came to the notice of the police in September last year.

As far as NRK is aware, the lawyer’s client account should have had NOK 6,980,310 million in March last year. The bank report shows that the account was empty in September.

At trial, the lawyer admitted to using the money for other purposes. Among other things, something must have been used to run their own business.

Johnny Wem

Attorney Johnny Wem is the defense attorney for the accused attorney from Norland.

Photo: NRK

The NRK was in contact with Johnny Way, a lawyer representing the person’s bodyguard. I do not wish to comment on this case. The heirs do not want that either.

He took out a mortgage on real estate

NOK 7 million mortgage on a property owned by that person.

– The reason for this is to get a possible claim for compensation, says Ravnasen.

There are still some inquiries to clarify the exact size.

– But we hope to complete the investigation before the summer, he says.

Very sad

Fortunately, prosecutors are rarely charged with serious crimes.

This was stated by Merete Smith, General Secretary of the Norwegian Bar Association. She insists she is unaware of this particular case and speaks on a general basis.

Merritt Smith, General Secretary of the Bar Association

General Secretary of the Bar Association Merete Smith sir Cases like this naturally have a negative effect on the reputation of lawyers.

Photo: Monica Guale

There are currently more than 10,000 lawyers in Norway. Lawyers are subject to strict code of ethics, and they are committed to promoting justice and preventing injustice. Therefore, he says that a lawyer not only violates the rules of law, but is very upset if he commits any crime.

In 2018, a lawyer was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for defrauding NOK 8.9 million from various clients.

In 2021, a lawyer was sentenced to five years and six months in prison For fraud and fraud. In total, he admitted to committing NOK 133 million fraud and fraud.

– As you can see, what do such cases have to do with the trust of lawyers?

– Lawyers enjoy great confidence in Norway, they deserve the trust they deserve by doing good work for their clients every day. He says that if a lawyer does not live up to the promise made by the lawyer title, it is very unfortunate and it naturally has a negative effect on the reputation of the lawyers.

They invested millions and pledged billions. For more than 15 years, Norwegian small savers have been waiting for success. But now the main person is gone.

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