Girl in hospital after accident with toboggan

Girl in hospital after accident with toboggan

Emergency services rushed to Gjøklep Secondary School in Homestrand after reports of the accident.

According to the police, the accident must have taken place when a four-wheeler pulled over during the game. The vehicle towing the toboggan must be a UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle).

The car crashed

Roger Aser, operations manager of the police's operations center in the southwest, told Netavisen on Sunday night that the toboggan in which the woman was sitting collided with a parked car as it was being towed after UTVVen.

The woman on the toboggan was taken to hospital, while a teenage boy, the driver of the UTVVen, was a suspect.

– A police patrol is at the scene, investigating the scene of the accident and taking statements from witnesses and those involved, Aaser says Nettavisen around 01:00 Sunday night.

– Dangerous game

Police have no information yet on the extent of the damage and the condition of the girl who was taken to hospital. At 01:10 she was still in hospital, but police say she was not seriously injured.

– This is a game that watched online videos. I hoped we wouldn't see it in Norway. It's very dangerous, and we're seeing it now,” operations manager Roger Aser told NTB.

Police first received a report that there were several youths towing a sled behind a vehicle that had ended in an accident.


The teenager who drove the UTV will first be charged with violating the Road Traffic Act, which deals with careless driving. The police decided to confiscate the boy's driver's license on the spot

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– His driving resulted in personal injury. Driving causing personal injury can be suspected of violating Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act, which is the relevant section in this case, Aser told Netavision.

The police were informed about the accident at 23:50 on Saturday evening and the police completed the investigation at the accident site at 01:10.

Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act

All shall travel with due care and caution so as not to cause any danger or damage, and not to cause unnecessary disturbance or obstruction to other traffic.

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