Nikki Haley criticizes Donald Trump and questions if he is too old

Nikki Haley criticizes Donald Trump and questions if he is too old

The 52-year-old questions the “mental capabilities” of the 77-year-old opponent.


Do we really want to run in elections with two types of people who will be president when they are in their 80s? She said in New Hampshire on Saturday.

– What worries me, and I will not say anything insulting, but when you have to deal with the pressures that the president faces, we cannot have someone who we have doubts about whether he is mentally fit for the job, she added.

Hailey also wrote that she used her parents to emphasize the point Washington Post:

– They are young, and I love them. But when you reach a certain age, it decreases. It's a fact, just ask any doctor, it's going down. And at this point, our country is very vulnerable right now.

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NEW YORK (VG) For the second time in a row, things have gone completely black for Senator Mitch McConnell (81).

Nikki Haley, 52, had previously criticized 81-year-old US President Joe Biden, who she believes is too old to rule the United States for another four years.

Among other things, it said that all candidates over the age of 75 must undergo a test to check their cognitive abilities.

When she now unleashes similar arguments on Donald Trump, it is the first time she has criticized him directly, she wrote. Washington Post.

The two are competing with each other, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vying to become the next Republican presidential nominee.

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Trump is the front-runner and leads in opinion polls. The next primary is scheduled for January 23 in New Hampshire, a state where Haley is said to have many supporters.

Haley's attack comes after Trump confused her with prominent Democrat Nancy Pelosi during a rally in the state on Friday.

Pelosi was the leader of the House of Representatives when angry mobs stormed Congress on January 6, 2021, and Trump, according to American media, should criticize her for not caring about security at the site.

Instead of “Pelosi,” “Haley” said:

-You know Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, did you know they destroyed all the information, all the evidence, everything? They deleted it and ruined everything because of a lot of things, like Nikki Haley being in charge of security. “We offered it 10,000 people, among other things,” he said.

Trump himself is accused of inciting the crowds to organize a march against Congress on that day, when elected officials were supposed to approve the election results that made Joe Biden the next president of the United States.

Trump campaign adviser Chris Lacivita previously wrote on Twitter that the difference between Haley and Pelosi is not particularly large.


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