Sessegnon Park, real estate agent 1 | Can Cao listens to the neighbors' input and considers taking action

Sessegnon Park, real estate agent 1 |  Can Cao listens to the neighbors' input and considers taking action

At the moment there are no apartments for sale in Sessegnon Park. But it is not an expression that all the apartments in the completed Building A have been sold.

It is a result of Kan Cao's decision to change intermediaries in the project.

– Due to internal changes in Eiendomsmegler 1, this was the right time to make a broker change. We have seen that real estate agency Stavlund has great enforcement power when selling housing projects, says Kan Cao in an email to Fredriksstad Blad.

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Request measures

Tor Erik Windheim at Cicignon Lokalsamfunn last November expressed concern about the lack of progress at Cicignon Park. He said he tried to make direct contact with Kan Kao.

– and shortly thereafter he made the call. “We had an enjoyable and constructive meeting,” says Windheim.

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– We cannot influence the speed of development, but we asked for it to be as orderly and organized as possible during the process, he says.

– Shortly after, the counterfeiting areas were cleared. Some of the building fences in front of Building B have been removed. The lawn between Building B and Cicignongata has been made more accessible to the public.

– Now it is possible for the general public to walk around Building A. The building walls have generally been trimmed, says Windheim.

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– And now we hope that he will also listen to our most important wishes. What we think would have made a difference is whether the parts of the building most affected by the demolition had been covered over. Either as in Torvbyen. Or even better, a canvas bearing an image of the building, as it will look when finished, says Windheim.

Now Kan Kao says he is seriously considering pursuing the proposal.

– Actions are being considered, such as covering parts of Building B, such as parts of the old lift shaft, and Block D. Painting some buildings in Cicignon Park in the same color as Building A is also being considered, in order to increase well-being.

– At the same time, these are matters of discretion. The buildings will eventually be rebuilt/demolished, writes Kan Cao for Fredrikstad Blad.

Examination room on the roof

The neighborhood association has also registered a flexible proposal to create an exhibition space on top of Building A, where a restaurant is planned.

– We imagine that such an offer for city residents in general, and those interested in an apartment in Cicignon in particular, would arouse interest. Many people might find it exciting to see the city from the top of a high-rise, says Windheim.

Kan Cao agrees.

– We are planning to hold a rooftop exhibition/display on the 9th floor with a great view of Building A, in line with the proposal submitted by the Cicignon District Association. “Then we welcome all neighbors and city residents,” the owner writes to the newspaper.

Waiting to build the next step

He also explains that he does not want to start construction work on Building B until a larger number of apartments in Building A are sold.

– This now also applies to many other builders in Norway's larger cities, as they suffer from a lower turnover of new homes and have to spend more time planning new construction phases.

-We are now working properly to obtain quotes for the turnkey contract for Area B and evaluating good solutions for the next construction phase. All construction companies interested in quoting for turnkey or master contracts are welcome to contact us, writes Kan Cao.

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There was a meeting with the city mayor

Mayor Arne Sekkelsten stated that he also met with the owner of Cicignon Park.

-I wanted to meet him. Cicignon Park is of importance to the entire city. I wanted to know if there was something the municipality of Fredrikstad could contribute. Or in other words, if there are clarifications needed from our side to move forward with the project, the mayor says.

– It was an enjoyable meeting. It has shown that further progress is not hindered by case management on our part, says Arne Sekkelstein.

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