Has MGP's current Super Rob been revealed?

Has MGP's current Super Rob been revealed?


  • In the second final of this year's “Melodi Grand Prix”, six new entrants will compete for three tickets to the final.
  • Erika Norwich is among the participants, and she brought her Super Rob robot to the stage.
  • There is already speculation about who is hiding behind the robot.
  • Some believe it could be an artificial intelligence, while others suggest specific names, such as Gaute Ormåsen.
  • Norwich insist he is just Super Rob.

On Saturday, he is ready for the Dolphins' second Grand Prix Melody final of the year. Six new participants will compete for the three tickets to the final on February 3 at Trondheim Spectrum.

In the armor: – Absolutely ridiculous!

Among those involved in the fire were the band Gåte, former MGP finalist Farida (33 years old), and TikTok star Erika Norwich (24 years old). The latter also brings the robot Super Rob onto the stage.

Even before the first appearance on stage, Saturday evening, many began speculating about who was hiding behind the big pink robot on social media.

Famous faces: These are all the artists who will be fighting to represent Norway at Eurovision. Video: NRK
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There is a lot of discussion in the various “Grand Prix” forums on Facebook and on the gossip app Jodel.

While some believe it could be artificial intelligence, or KI/AI, behind the robot's voice, others are coming up with suggestions for specific names.

Back?: The exchange of rumors must indicate that Gaute Områsen is back again

Back?: The exchange of rumors must indicate that Gaute Områsen is once again back in 'MGP' – this time also in uniform. Here during last year's final. Photo: Rodrigo Freitas/NTB
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Among those who stand out the most is the man behind one of the yellow wolves in Subwoolfer, Gaute Ormåsen (40).

“Should it be Gotti?” one user asks in the Facebook comment field.

Demands were submitted to the NRK

Demands were submitted to the NRK

While another jokingly continues:

“Is it a secret that it is him?”

Near the end of the first Grand Prix Melody final on Saturday, a protester attempted to interrupt the live television programme. Video: NRK
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When Dagbladet caught up with Norwich after first stage training on Wednesday, she was asked what she thought of the fact that there had already been a lot of talk about her running mate ahead of the broadcast on Saturday night.

NRK denies wild rumours

NRK denies wild rumours

-It's so much fun! Super Rob has been a huge success. “He has personality, so I understand he’s popular,” she smiled.

-What do you think about people's speculation about who it could be?

In Saturday's MGP semi-final, TV and radio personality Christine Danke and influencer Oscar Westerlein were brought in to commentate on the entries. It caused a reaction from many fans.

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– They can just do that, but it's Super Rob. I heard many strange names, but none of them were true. It's Super Rob, the 24-year-old replied slyly.

When Tiktoker was asked if there was a yellow wolf named Gaute hiding behind the robot, she responded with the following:

– Or no, no. It's Super Rob, yes.

These people participate in

They participate in the “Melody Grand Prix”

Dagbladet has tried to contact Ormåsen, but has not yet received a response.

MGP's music director, Stig Carlsen, was also asked questions about the identity of Super Rob and there is speculation about that.

– Super Rob has his natural spot on the “MGP” stage with Erika Norwich and the topic of artificial intelligence. We're not spending a lot of energy talking about what's behind it, but we see the potential for another iconic 'MGP' number that will be remembered decades from now.

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