Waited at the airport for 12 hours – 18 more hours to wait

Waited at the airport for 12 hours – 18 more hours to wait

Five weeks later, in the Barents Sea on the boat “Westkop”, fisherman Andreas Heimark (22) hoped to go home to Ostevoll.

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Now it will be a night at the airport instead.

Stretchers and blankets have been prepared for 200 passengers to spend the night.

– I am fishing in the Russian and Norwegian zones. “It's harsh and bad weather, and then I come here for even worse weather,” West tells VG.

He arrived at the airport at 11 a.m. on Thursday, and the flight home didn't take off until 5 p.m. on Friday. Thus he spends about 30 hours preparing at Tromsø Airport Langnes.

Weather Protection: Ulrik Bergerud (20), Sanniva Lykanger (20) and Ole Matthias Hedlester (22)

– Others traveled back to Tromsø for some beer. But I couldn't take it.

At the airport, Ha listens to music, reads articles about fishing boats and sends messages to his family, where he complains that, as for himself, he is stuck at the airport.

– But you're used to being at sea, so a night at the airport is nice, right?

– I'd rather sleep in a storm at sea than sleep in an airport. There are hard seats here, and the ass is getting sore and sore, he tells VG.

Weather protection: Sanniva Lykanger (20), Ole Matthias Hedlester (22) and Ulrik Bergerud (20) spend the night at the airport.  Airport manager Ivar Helsing Schrøen walks in the background.

After waiting six hours for a Norwegian flight from Tromsø to Oslo, the three friends spend the night at the airport.

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– We think it's a bit silly, but we appreciate that they fixed the shelter, Ulrik Bergerud tells VG.

– Now we have ordered Peppe's Pizza and we are waiting for them to put the field beds, says Bergerud.

The three friends are on leave from the garrison in Sør-Varanger and flew from Kirkenes to Tromsø earlier on Thursday.

– I want to sleep in my own bed, says Sunnyva Laikankar.

Airport-level: Corrected here by Andreas Heimark Airport.  Gert Mohn is relaxed in the background.

The airport became a hotel

The reason was canceled flights and fully booked hotels, said Helen W., press officer in Aviner. Jensen tells VG.

In total, it is about 220 passengers.

Are you at the airport? Contact VG here.

So, they decided to turn the airport into a kind of hotel:

– We are working on emptying our own emergency blankets and stretchers to set up inside the airport, and catering companies will be open longer so people can get food, says Jensen.

Overnight stay here: About 200 people have to spend the night at Tromsø airport after the weather chaos today.

He says Aviner is working on connecting civil defense.

According to Jensen, all flights in Tromsø are canceled in the evening, except for two.

Avinar was initially said to be 500 to 600 unsheltered, but later corrected that.

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Marion Sivertsen Naas, a politician from Finland, was stuck in Longnes at Tromsø Airport for 11 hours.

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– I have been at the airport since 10:00 this morning. I went to Hammerfest with the Minister of Health to visit the Hammerfest Hospital. She tells Viji that the flight has to take off at 10.50

– I hunted all the planes. I even sat on Luxelv for an hour before it was cancelled. I probably canceled 5–6–7 departures today, says the Storting politician.

Politician and Redeemer: Politician Marianne Sivertsson Naas with Christian Seljeseth.

However, she didn't have to spend the night at the airport. Now he is staying with his Tromsø friend Keir Seljeseth, one of the leaders of the Industry Energy union.

However, she is not at home in Tromsø, so her son Christian has brought her and made the bed in the guest room.

– He (Geir Seljeseth, journ.anm.) told me earlier in the week “Remember if there's a crisis, you can sleep with us.” I am very grateful for that. Now we see “debate” on TV, he says.

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