– Baskets will explode in 15 minutes – VG

- Baskets will explode in 15 minutes - VG
May 17 Preserved: Berry farmer Khair Joa from Berry has been decorating muffins and dessert tables for 30 years. The strawberries on the left were filmed in Joao 2019 this year, at the same time – the record was set a week later that year.

Behind this year’s first Norwegian strawberry is Keir Joa, a berry farmer in Geren. Two weeks before May 17th!


– This is a new record, says Keer Joao, 65, a strawberry farmer in Rhineberg, Sola Municipality.

Joao has been growing strawberries for 30 years, but never saw them ripen early.

On Thursday, he sold the first 200 baskets of red berries sold at the farm.

– Strawberry baskets will leave in 15 minutes. There was a queue on the road here and there was a full parking lot before we opened. Joao tells Viji to set a limit of three curves for each.

And people were happy, he says: “They taste dessert and they taste Norway.”

– You can be thankful for the wonderful spring weather we received in Jரrgen, says Joao, and points to a very mild March with clear weather and cool April days with sunshine.

Strawberry Tunnels: In Rainburg, Sola, they hang high and are sweet.

Trapped own record

The first strawberry plants were planted in late January and have been growing in greenhouses ever since – with the help of both sunlight and natural gas heating.

With this year’s strawberries, he broke his own record from 2019, when he was first ready to eat strawberries on May 11th.

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But Joao is not the only one starting with Norwegian berries. Strawberry colleague Kåre Nordbø (70) from Finno expects to get his first berries over the weekend.

– Due to high gas prices, I waited three weeks to plant berries this year, but since spring was so good, I almost regained the lead, he tells Vijay.

With lightning in his eyes he emphasizes that he still has a record:

April 29, 2020.

Ready soon: From tomatoes to strawberries. Finnish farmer Corey Nordpo picked strawberries a few years ago.

Not for most people

For now, the Norwegian strawberries may be exclusive and sweet delight to people in the areas of Geren and Sandness, Stavanger and Hougesant. Norwegians in other parts of the country will have to wait a little longer for red Norwegian sweets.

Darleif Mல்லller in the Norwegian Farmers Association is also a strawberry farmer, but he did not think he would be able to produce his first crop in early June.

– Farmers in Sola always beat us in the subway and greenhouse berries, but Nøtterøy farmer VG tells us that we beat them in the berries grown in the field, can confirm that Joa took the record this year.

The Norwegian strawberry season usually lasts from late May to late September.

It was Solabladet The case was first mentioned.

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