Harsh against the armed forces after a nosebleed in Camp Sköld

Harsh against the armed forces after a nosebleed in Camp Sköld

-The cause of the problems is likely complex.

This was stated by the Chief Physician of the Occupational Health Service of the Norwegian Armed Forces in Northern Norway, Morten Skandver VG last week. The statement came in relation to the presence of several cases of nosebleeds for an unknown reason among soldiers at Camp Skijold, where Princess Ingrid Alexandra (20 years old) is performing her first service.


  • Soldiers at Camp Sköld, where Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 20, is serving on her first service, are suffering from inexplicable nosebleeds.
  • More than 130 cases have been recorded since the princess arrived at the camp.
  • The father of a soldier expresses his concern and calls on the armed forces to take the necessary measures.
  • He says soldiers are also expressing concern about subsequent injuries.
  • The defense responds that the cases are evenly distributed among five barracks, and that they took special measures in the Sinan barracks, where most of the cases were reported last year.

There have been 131 cases of nosebleeds since her arrival at the camp. Dagbladet contacted the castle and asked a number of questions about the incident and the health of the heir to the throne while on duty.

Nosebleed alarm at princess camp

The Royal House refers to the armed forces.

Father is worried

Dagbladet spoke to a father whose son is also serving his first service at Camp Sköld. He says they see the situation as very dangerous.

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– We are concerned because when he arrived in January, he ended up in one of the newly renovated barracks. He lived there for a week, then was moved to a house called Sinan, Dagbladet says.

Much interest: Soldiers in the Sköld camp in Endre Troms.  Photo: Fredrik Warfjell/NTB

Much interest: Soldiers in the Sköld camp in Endre Troms. Photo: Fredrik Warfjell/NTB
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He also says that they had read about the barracks in the media before, and that they were concerned about whether there were still problems with nosebleeds there.

– It turned out to be the case, because my son started bleeding after he was taken there.

– It has been reported that it is not serious, but it is strange to have a nosebleed every day. After all, there were more than 130 cases, which is likely a mysterious number.

-You must register yourself

According to the man, the son said that the recruits themselves should register the cases in an online form.

There has been a lot of debate about what Princess Ingrid Alexandra's uniform will be when she goes to her first service. And now we finally get the answer. Video: Photos from NRK
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– There is a part that needs to be filled, so he doesn't do it every time. There may be more accidents.

-What does it feel like to sit at home and hear this?

-You may be missing some measures. Last year, they introduced some measures with fewer rooms. They don't have the opportunity to do that now, because it's delicious there. My son says the common rooms are completely full.

- That must feel weird

– That must feel weird

He wonders what the armed forces intend to do, and whether they will, for example, move people from barracks to barracks.

– That might have been helpful, if the problem was the single barracks. Then it would be possible to create a barracks, but they don't have a definitive answer as to what that would be.

The man himself had no contact with the armed forces, but he read a lot about the camp in the media.

– It went on for several years, but nothing happened.

In Defenses: Princess Ingrid Alexandra is among those serving her first service at Camp Sköld.  Photo: Fredrik Warfjell/NTB

In Defenses: Princess Ingrid Alexandra is among those serving her first service at Camp Sköld. Photo: Fredrik Warfjell/NTB
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We want a concrete plan

The nosebleed incidents at the Princess camp have received a lot of attention recently. When asked about his opinion on this, he replied:

– Now I don't know which barracks she lives in, but I think she does not live in the same barracks. They are in different brigades. He had seen her in the canteen, but not in his barracks.

Moreover, he says the armed forces must develop a concrete plan, not just wait and see.

– He has been in the media at regular intervals that I have seen. It's also the case that Sinan was often the worst. They started renovating the barracks last year, but didn't choose it. Why didn't they choose Sinan?

Princess Ingrid Alexandra gives her first service at Camp Sköld.
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He says that his son so far does not suffer from any health problems except a nosebleed.

– But it goes beyond the excess when you wake up at night with a nosebleed. There will be poor recovery after difficult days.

– Those in the barracks also have concerns, about whether it could cause collateral damage for the rest of their lives.

Dagbladet was in contact with the son of the man in the case. He confirms what his father says, but he does not want to participate in the case himself.

The defense responds

Dagbladet had contact with the Norwegian Armed Forces. When asked if it was true that those living in Sinan suffered more than others from nosebleeds, Lieutenant Colonel Lars Vossberg answered as follows:

Do like Ingrid

Do like Ingrid

The cases are currently distributed fairly evenly across five barracks. A year ago, most of the cases were in Sinan Barracks, so measures were focused on this building.

He says that in January last year the Army received feedback from the shop steward system that between 50 and 100 recruits had suffered nosebleeds at the Skjold garrison.

Fosberg explains possible dark numbers as follows:

-None of them visited the infirmary in the garrison with the problem. As a result, we were unable to record the number, extent, or possible cause. Therefore, it was decided that army soldiers who suffer from nosebleeds for no known reason should visit the dispensary for examination and registration, starting in the spring of 2023.

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– Will Sinan be renewed in the near future?

Sinan has priority among the three barracks that still need restoration. We intend to start renovating this as soon as Hestad Barracks is renovated. He answers that the technical review of the building has already been carried out, along with repair and maintenance of simple conditions in Sinan.

– It happened in the last two years

Morten Skandver, a lieutenant colonel and occupational physician at the Norwegian Armed Forces' Occupational Health Service in northern Norway, says there were several reports of nosebleeds at the Skjold garrison in connection with the deployment in January 2024. Then also to some extent in August 2023. The Occupational Health Service is involved .

Living with the Princess: Details revealed

Living with the Princess: Details revealed

Scandifer says nosebleeds are not considered a health risk or an expression of illness, but they can be considered annoying and unpleasant. As usual, the planned service is in line with the recommendation of the Occupational Health Service. This also applies to embarrassing recruits.

– Anecdotal reports for a few years indicate that this is a problem of varying degrees that has emerged in the last couple of years. No systematic survey has been carried out, but now those who suffer from nosebleeds are encouraged to register this at the dispensary.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is walking into the Russian era. The crown couple knows they are looking forward to May 17 this year. Video: Nora Skavland.
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It is believed that most of them should have stopped bleeding before arriving at the infirmary.

maps drawing

A project was started in spring 2023 under the auspices of the Norwegian Defense Research Institute to report and record nosebleeds and related health complaints.

It involves mapping different factors in the living and working environment through questionnaires and electronic sensors, in Sköld and other garrisons, for comparison. This work will continue for a year, so preliminary results are not yet available.

– The situation is closely monitored by the local occupational health service and is considered somewhat disturbing, but does not constitute a health risk according to the current knowledge base.

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