Tynset – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio A freight train collides with a passenger car

Tynset – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio A freight train collides with a passenger car

A freight train is said to have collided with the car at a minor crossing south of Tinsett Center at around 18.47 on Friday evening.

– It was pushed about 30 meters onto the track and is now standing there, Hagen Lövseth, operations manager at the Inland Police District, told NRK at 7 p.m.

There were two people in the car. Both were out of the car, must have been conscious and alert.

He says the two men were sent to Tinsett Hospital around 8 p.m.

– There don’t seem to be any injuries, says Loveseth.

Police who arrived at the scene are investigating what happened. He guesses it won’t take long.

He says tow trucks are on the scene.

Heavy traffic on Rorospanen after “Hans”.

The Roros line between Alvdal and Dolga is closed.

– This is one of the many level crossings in Rorospanen that are unsafe without barriers and sound and light systems, says Ban Nor’s press officer Olav Nordli.

Both passenger trains and freight trains operate on the Røros line, but due to the closure of the Tovre line many passenger trains have been replaced by freight traffic.

– Nordli says that we were a little afraid because of the heavy traffic of goods trains on the Roros railway.

– We encourage travelers at these level crossings, which are often on private roads, to be especially alert, roll down the window, and look, hear and listen for trains.

Nordly says there is one bus per train for the vulnerable tonight.

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Tovrepanen was closed after extreme weather destroyed the “Hans” Randklave bridge.

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