June 10, 2023


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The “UFO building” in Lysaker is given in Finnish

A UFO-like architect-designed building off the E18 near Lysaker is looking for a new owner. But this is urgent.

This building is given in Finnish.

You may have seen the strange UFO-like building from the E18 at the exit towards Fornebu. There, among the trees, is an unusual house built in the 1980s by architect Najal Ede.

Now the iconic house is being given away in Finn, in a “UFO Given” ad. The case is also discussed by Estate News And messenger.

“The building has been used as a warehouse for the past 10 years and is showing signs of lagging maintenance,” it said. Advertising.

The building was previously moved once in 1990 in connection with the development of Lysakerlocket. According to Estate Nighteter, the building was also used to record a music video for the artist Girl in Red.

Must be moved quickly

The site’s owner Lars Windfeldt’s company, Arcanum Eiendom, is in the process of rezoning the area to build offices, so the UFO will have to be moved from the site, the website said.

– Together with the architect’s family, we are eager to find a good port for this building. We don’t have any particular preference for location or use, but Windfeld tells the estate that it’s important that the new owner takes care of the building.

The Finn advertisement states that the UFO’s new owner must guarantee that the building is dismantled and transported out in accordance with industry standards for process and safety.

And it’s urgent. The building should be changed by June 10.

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