Multiple grass fires in southern Norway – major wildfire alert – NRK Oslo and Wiegen – local news, television and radio

Multiple grass fires in southern Norway - major wildfire alert - NRK Oslo and Wiegen - local news, television and radio

The Østfold track was closed for 10 to several hours as a result of several grass fires spreading along the railway line, but at about one and a half hours firefighters put out the fire. At 13.16, Bonnor announces that trains will be running on that route again.

Wy says trains will take time to get back to normal and there will be delays throughout the afternoon.

The helicopter was stopped at 12 noon to extinguish bush and grass fires in the Luccio area of ​​Sandness, Rocheland. The fire started spreading at midnight last night, but as there was no danger to people or buildings, firefighters were satisfied with the observation of the fire.

As the wind speed increased, many units and helicopters were stopped to prevent the fire from spreading.

Illegal fire was reported

A man inside The 40s reported an illegal arson attack on Ulefoss in Nome in Telemark this afternoon. The fire spread to nearby dry grass, causing firefighters to evacuate.

The Østfold line was burned in several places

Just after 10 a.m. news of a fire on the railway and E6 south of Westby in Fallow came.

The fire spread rapidly over the arid landscape. Currently there is a great risk of wildfires in all parts of southern Norway.


Several fires erupted quickly along the Østfold line in Oslo, about one length. According to the 2.5mill East Police District, sparks may have ignited from the locked brakes of a freight train.

– The fires spread quickly due to the drought, said Frod Johansen, duty officer at East 110 Central.

All sources in Folo and Mozilla were sent. A fire train was dispatched from Oslo, and a police helicopter searched the train tracks for new fires.

An hour and a half ago, the fire was brought under control, but the fire department said it was working to prevent the fire from spreading again.

– We also run a fire train south of Oslo, which soaks up the vegetation along the line, says Christian Falk, operator at 110st 110-Central.

According to the fire service, there were 10 separate fires on the Østfold line between Westby and Rosenholm in Oslo.

Missing buses

The fire closed the Østfold line between Oslo S and Moss. 10 to 13.16.

V to get buses and taxis instead of non-running trains.

The company ordered 15 buses, but by 1pm they had caught only two buses that ran between Oslo S and Moss, and between Oslo S and Sky.

Since there are no buses, put taxis on shuttle traffic on the same routes.

We encourage people to find alternative transportation if given the opportunity, says journalist Gaja Rinning Moyen.

Grass fire in E6 south of Westbay

The fire in Westby caused heavy smoke in the area.


There is a risk of wildfires in many places

The Center for Meteorological Research says there is a risk of wildfires spreading over most parts of southern Norway.

The Center for Meteorological Research says there is a risk of wildfires spreading across all parts of southern Norway.

Graphics: Meteorological Institute

The whole of southern Norway, south of Stott and Dover, is now at great risk of wildfires. On Friday, the Meteorological Agency changed the grass and heather fire hazard warning from yellow to orange. So the Directorate General of Civil Defense and Emergency Planning (DSB) has stepped up wildfire production this weekend.

According to state meteorologist Derje Alswick Vallow, only 12 millimeters of rain was measured at the measuring station in Blindern in March and April, and in March One of the driest months ever measured.

Since Easter week, an average of 16 fires have occurred on the ground each day, the DSP said in a statement.

Grass fire in Westby

Flames in the area around Asko’s warehouse in Westby lead to a lot of smoke.


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