Now you can check what you should get in salary

Now you can check what you should get in salary

Nearly half of all new job applicants drop out of the application process before it's over.

It shows insights from FINN's annual job survey.

The reason should be elements such as unclear job advertisements, requirements in advertisements, writing a job application and last but not least – questions about salary.

Starts comparison service

– This is a shame, especially in a society where we are experiencing high unemployment from 2021 onwards, says Sumeet Singh, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) at Shipstead and Shipstead Nordic Marketplaces (NMB). ), in a press release.

He believes now is the time to take action to ensure an inclusive labor market. He believes increased transparency, especially around pay, is a key part of this.

– For example, if we can be more transparent about pay, it ensures that candidates are treated fairly in this area. It promotes the principle of equal opportunities regardless of background or previous salary level. Transparency about pay gives job seekers more security and better bargaining power. Applicants can set their salary requirements based on real data, and this can help reduce pay gaps based on gender, race or other factors.

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Sumeet Singh, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Inclusion at Schibsted and Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. Photo: FINN

FINN work has just started A brand new salary comparison serviceIts purpose is to contribute to what Singh describes above.

– Surveys we've conducted show that knowing “what you're worth” based on qualifications and experience is one of our job seekers' biggest problems, says Christopher Ringvold, job analyst and head of FINN Jobs:

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– We hope this tool will contribute to greater transparency when it comes to wages and pay levels, which is an important part of creating a more inclusive labor market.

Encourages people to provide salary data

Salary comparison tool is on the front page job search, and a service where you can provide salary data and compare it to others in similar positions.

– Salary data is stored in the job profiles of users at FINN Job, and you can edit or delete it as you wish, it is 100 percent anonymous. Now that more people are required to enter salary data, this tool will become Norway's best and largest salary comparison service. Ringvold explains that the more data we get, the more specific the comparator can be.

*About FINN's work study

The survey was conducted by Norstat for FINN and Schibsted in December 2023, and the sample was the working population aged 18-67 across the country in 2019.

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