– Decorate the whole family

– Decorate the whole family

From Apres-Sky to Sunny Beach. This is how celebrities are celebrating Easter this year.

Chicken Licky! Ulrikke “Easter Chicken” speeds down the Brandstorp slalom slopes. Photo: Private

Singer Ulrike Brandstorp celebrates Easter with skis on her feet at Hucklebu in Sykdal – despite the crazy weather:

– Since the sun isn't shining too hard this Easter, I thought I'd spread some joy on the ski slopes with a chicken costume instead, writes Brandstorp in a message to VG.

– It worked! So today I found more clothes and I will dress up the whole ski family. We can't have more fun than creating soul!

While most of us spend Easter in the mountains, some travel to warmer climes.

Influencer Martin Halvorson has taken a little spontaneous trip to Las Vegas.

In the pictures she posted, a man can also be seen with her. She's taken her new fly with her on a trip, right?

Artist Karina Dahl was in Kayastova on Thursday and provided a real après-ski atmosphere.

In addition to being great at a party, he also makes sure to include some ski trips in the cabin between concerts.

Don Tomley and fiance Marcus Foss have been enjoying the Easter sun in Chogndal and wish their followers a happy Easter with a little Easter kiss in a series of photos:

Alexandra Joner tried to impress her new beau on the ski track.

You can judge the result yourself in the photo series:

Louise Angelica Rice and David Erickson have taken a trip to Singapore and shared photos from the beach.

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