“Farm” -Laila: – – It was too much

"Farm" -Laila: - - It was too much

In 2016, Laila Lochchard left The way to the top in “The Form” After beating Sophie Therese Lindbergh as a 15-year-old junior Finish line in the exciting final.

Then, it was very quiet from the 44-year-old “Forman” winner who lives in Sortland in Westernland.

Agricultural Celebrity: This is the gang that will take part in the upcoming “Foreman Kendis” season. Video: Red Carpet
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– Panic and anxiety

Four and a half years after the victory, she admits she never dreamed the attention was as big as it was then.

– It erupted early, especially in Westerlene and in the north in general. For the first few years, I couldn’t even take a step outside without someone starting to talk to me, and it took hours to shop at the store. This is completely surreal. But now that it has calmed down, she tells Takbladet with a smile.

However, she is not completely forgotten.

– It has not yet fully passed. “Farm” -Laila will probably always follow me.

Nerves: Laila Lochhart in 2016
Nerve work: Laila Lochchard defeated Sophie Therese Lindbergh in the finish line at “Foreman” in 2016. Photo: Door Lindset / Sea and Here
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Lockert turns the clock back to 2016/2017, which, after going to the pinnacle of the show, proved to be TV2’s biggest flagship for many years.

At worst, it was too much for me. I was at festivals and had panic attacks and anxiety – and I remember having to take it home. I could not breathe. Drunk people ate me. But all the way I planted my feet on the ground. Because I have a relaxed relationship with all of this celebrity hysteria.

Used nature as therapy

– How did you deal with it when it was so bad?

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– It usually passes at night. I stayed home more. It fits well, because I love outdoor life so much – I usually see a mountain top. But sometimes in a party environment it was embarrassing and everyone had to have a part of you.

Many of the former Foreman participants who registered for the program believe that they have no bad imagination about what they are going for.

– To put it this way: I’m so glad I ‘m so outgoing and confident in myself, she thinks.

– Very lucky

It was almost a year since she set foot on the “Foreman” farm, until she confirmed that Lockhart was in the process of building the cabin she received as a gift. The cabin is long overdue and has been given the appropriate name “Fermenro”, Loichard reveals.

The “farm” winner also gave her a car, but she sold it – precisely to finance the cabin – which is only offered as a building block.

– I’m very lucky because I got crazy favorite support from the local business community. They practically built the cabin for me. It cost me two and a half to three million kroner to raise it. The winner is the pile of boards worth 800,000.

In Cabin Idle: Former “Foreman” participant “Fermenro” received massive help from the local business community to set up the cabin. Photo: Private
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According to the 44-year-old, he received 400,000 kroner for the car. In addition, she borrowed the same amount.

The rest were closed by local contractors. They repaired the foundation, and I received a gift certificate of 10,000 kroner from Europrice – which I can use for “cups and utensils”. Unbeknownst to you, the phone still does not ring from people who want to take pictures of floors, electricity, kitchens and more.

Lost War: Ingepjork Monique Haram lost in this year’s Foreman final. Here she breaks live. Reporter: Lynn Martinuson. Photo: Door Lindsay
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– Very misleading

The reason for the help of the local community was that she had created a good character on TV and she kept Westerlean in a positive way on the map.

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– I’m going to be flexible thinking about it. I am so grateful to everyone who lined up for me that I could never have set up the cabin without that help, Loichard explains.

She was critical of the fact that for many people the Foreman gift costs more than its taste, as many winners have done before her.

Beautiful view: by Laila Lochert
Beautiful sign: Laila Lochcert’s “Foreman” cabin is located in Westerleen in northern Norway. Photo: Private
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– Some people know about this. I think this is bad and very wrong. In fact, you didn’t even win a quarter of the prize. The best gift is really the car, because there you can drive with the keys. You have to be careful not to end up in “Luxesfellan” after beating “Foreman” and building this cabin, she tells Doc Plate.

– Pride

Receiving prizes at “The Farm” reflects the high value of the cabin and car for more than a million kroner, and we are very proud of the good prizes at “Form” on TV2. John Better Doll, TV2’s press manager, tells Duckbladet that this is highly appreciated by most winners, and continues:

– No one is obligated to set up the cabin, but they have a chance to fulfill the cabin dream if they wish. We are solution-centric, glad to take the conversation about prizes directly with the winners, and always try to find a solution to the challenges that may arise, says the press manager.

“Farmers” will be shown on TV next fall. At the end of July, 14 new participants went to a farm in Hurdal, Agarshas.

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