got the roof: — went to hell

got the roof: — went to hell

– A few tears flowed today when I was on my feet. There are small margins, and life is very fragile.

This is what Jens Marius Hammer, who moved from the hospital in Schein, says. On Saturday he was up and walking for the first time in three days.

The accident at the cabin in Rowland had a strong physical and psychological impact.

Parts fall accident: On his way down the mountain, Jostin tripped over a rock and fell down the mountainside. Fortunately, he stopped two meters from the edge of the cliff. Video: 330 Force / Facebook
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A mistake is very expensive

On Thursday, the editor of the local newspaper should be there Telephone, who first mentioned the subject, shoveled the roof. A few days earlier, he had written a report himself about snow plowing on cabin roofs. So many people took precautions.

However, that would prove to be insufficient.

– I studied and had good control. However, it went to hell. I made a mistake – I forgot to use the rope attached to the pipe and waist, says Hammer.

Tribute: Jens Marius Hammer thanks everyone who helped him after the accident.  Photo: Private

Tribute: Jens Marius Hammer thanks everyone who helped him after the accident. Photo: Private
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– The laws of nature prevailed

Ten minutes on the roof is enough. Suddenly he lost his leg. At first he was sure he could get back inside.

Seconds later, the result came. The balance became uncollectible. A three-meter drop ended on the rail of the cabin. There he lay.

– The laws of nature prevailed, the hammer insists.

Extensive fracture damage

With the help of his wife, father-in-law and brother-in-law, he was able to call the emergency number quickly. An air ambulance was immediately dispatched. Once in the hospital, the outcome was merciless.

– I broke four ribs and six vertebrae in my spine. I’m happy and humbled that it didn’t get worse, and even more humbled after seeing how the emergency response worked. Hammer says it has been a good experience since answering the emergency phone till now.

NB! Strong impressions: The rescue helicopter in Florø received a report of a crash in the CHC store Dyrhaugstind. Rescuer Alvin Fine (45) had to make one of the toughest choices he’s ever made. Video: “Rescued” on TV 2. Clip: Bjørge Dahle Johansen / Dagbladet TV
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– Always remember three things

It is currently unknown when he will be allowed to go home from the hospital. While he is in the hospital, he wants to share his experience in hopes of preventing accidents in the future for others.

– I learned something from my mistake and I hope others will take it with them. I never go on the roof without taking the rope around my waist from the pipe, and I shorten it while I work, and says:

– Always remember three things when sweeping a roof: use a rope, use your head, and don’t be alone.

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