Norwegian cohabiting couple report high temperatures during heat wave in Turkey

Norwegian cohabiting couple report high temperatures during heat wave in Turkey
Hot holiday: Kjell Aanerød (51) and Mona Paulsen (49) are enjoying summer in Belek, Turkey, despite high temperatures.

Kjell Aanerød (51) and Mona Paulsen (49) have been enjoying summer in Belek, Turkey since early July. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency is urging holidaying Norwegians to stay hydrated and stay indoors in extreme heat.

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When VG called them on Thursday morning, the thermometer already showed 36 degrees, even though it was eleven o’clock.

– At least we shouldn’t complain about the cold. There are new heat records here every day, says Annerod.

The thermometer in Belek has been below 40 degrees in recent days, but a high of 43 degrees will come on Saturday.

– We didn’t know it would be so hot when we traveled down. We’ve heard about El Nino so we know it’s going to be a hot summer, but not that hot!

Got heat stroke from less

Annerod says he has experienced warmer temperatures in the past, but it doesn’t compare to this year’s heat.

To stay healthy, the couple stays in the pool all day. They often lie down in the shade and drink large amounts of water.

Anerot suffered heat stroke during a previous holiday in Turkey.

– It was so uncomfortable, he says, that I did not notice it until the evening, after the sun had set.

– We have the option of going inside and turning on the air conditioning, although we try to avoid it.

He added that the temperature was very pleasant in the evening.

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Viji’s team is in Spain. Get the latest heat wave news here:

Ready for the weekend

Anerode wasn’t sure what 43 degrees felt like in the body. The travel team has prepared the plan before the weekend.

– You can always find shade and the fridge is filled with plenty of water before the weekend.

The couple still have several weeks off before they travel to Norway and get married in early August.

– Let’s hope we carry some heat with us for the big day!

Bureau of Meteorology: Risk to life and health

The Meteorological Center informs VG that Spain’s temperature peaked on Thursday. In Malaga, it was measured at 43.3 degrees. Turkey and Greece are close behind, with many places recording 41 degrees.

Magnus Haukeland, meteorologist on duty, says such high temperatures pose a risk to life and health.

– It doesn’t take long to get heat stroke. When it’s above 40 degrees, you should try to avoid the heat. Norwegians recommend taking vacations to hydrate and stay indoors, he emphasizes.

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Heat shock in Spain – over 60 degrees on the ground

A heat wave continues to sweep across Europe. – Norwegian Camila in Marbella says the hottest holiday we’ve ever had.

– Are there any symptoms that people should look out for before heat stroke occurs?

– It happens very quickly. It’s important to drink plenty of water before you feel thirsty and prevent the dangers to your body during extreme heat.

– He points out that Norwegians are less used to the heat and are not as good at taking the same steps as southern Europeans are more accustomed to.

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The meteorologist stresses that it is especially important for people with chronic diseases to stay away from the heat.

– They should be extra careful. Drink enough and stay indoors when it’s hot.

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