– I'm going to Thailand

– I'm going to Thailand

The municipal director's upcoming Easter vacation in Phuket, Thailand is creating a clash with the mayor and other elected officials in Krakero Municipality.

Mayor Charlotte Thorkildsen (Red) says she's more or less “shut up.” Cairn Municipal Director Doc Willian Erickson – the municipality's chief executive officer – said on Wednesday that he had to leave his vacation and stay on the job due to the municipality's difficult financial situation.

Kragerø risks being added to the “block list” of municipalities controlled by the state because the state executive does not approve the budget.

ROBEK list official name. In the latest update of the government on February 19 this year, it 17 ROBEK municipalities is listed.

At most it was 118 Municipalities On the economic sanctions list in 2004.

In February of this year, the director of the municipality received many questions about why he was not present at the meeting, where Krakero received justification from the state administrator that the municipal budget was not approved. Kragerø Blad Vestmar.

Finally Spain

He was on winter vacation in Spain and participated digitally in teams. He has offered to do so after arriving in Thailand on the Wednesday before Easter.

DOUBTFUL MAYOR: Charlotte Thorkildsen (R) believes that the municipal director's Easter holiday plans are not optimal in the dire financial situation of the municipality of Krakero. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones/Dagbladet.
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– I have informed the municipal director that it is not advisable for him to go to Thailand in this situation. But I have no reason to ask him to stay home, Mayor Charlotte Thorkildson tells the warden.

After a report in Wharton drew attention to the Easter holidays in Thailand, the director of the municipality gave a supplementary explanation to the newspaper.

Ordered in April 2023

– The trip was booked a year ago in April for us, kids and grandkids. There is also a delayed trip we had planned to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary that was pushed back a few years due to the pandemic. Doc Willian Erickson writes that I am primarily concerned with trying to take our vacations during “vacation times” such as Christmas, Easter, summer vacations, fall vacations, and winter vacations.

Kragerø Blad Vestmar He meets the municipal director and his deputy, head of health and care, on the street in Kraków on Wednesday.

– I am not the municipal director

There he clarifies:

– It's employee Doc Willian Erickson, and not the municipal director, going on vacation.

The Fredrikstad-based municipal director will start as CEO in the municipality of Kragerø in autumn 2021.

In January of the same year, in Hvaler, a neighboring municipality of Friedrichstadt, he left the day in the same job – and later as a councillor.

– There was disagreement about the functioning of Hvaler Municipality and which direction we should choose for the future. Now we have reached a point where we cannot continue on the same path, he said Fredrikstad Blad After.

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