Election 2023: Raja questions Johansen and Storr collaboration

Election 2023: Raja questions Johansen and Storr collaboration
NM on Rhetoric: Abid Raja says that Raymond Johansson is “Norway’s master at criticizing his own government and Prime Minister Storr”.

Venstre’s Abid Raja calls Raymond Johansson a wonderful guy, but goes on a front-line attack on him – and Prime Minister Jonas Gerstor.

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Abid Raja, Venstre’s second vice-president, has probed the media to find out how often Ap’s Oslo city council leader Raymond Johansson has publicly criticized and challenged Storr and his own government.

– In the two years that the Storr government was in power, Raymond ran against his own government at least ten times. It shows that the political leader of the country’s biggest city has no faith in his own prime minister and party leader. Not on a team with Raymond Storr, King believes.

– The Oslo City Council leader is adept at criticizing Norway’s own government and Prime Minister Storr. Raymond goes back and forth at the store and the government’s throat.

Read about ten cases here:

– Disappointment

– There are many cases surrounding Raymond asking Storr and the government to invest in Oslo and big cities. Again and again, he was so disappointed with the store that it didn’t stand up to the big cities, he continues.

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Raja says that lately many people have felt the need to keep their distance from the app store.

– Raymond was only one of them, but he had to go public several times with the demands and criticisms of his own boss and government, which shows how little faith he has in his own government. This clearly shows that he does not want to connect with Støre.

– Can all moves be interpreted as him trying to influence Ap’s policy, and not be interpreted as lack of confidence?

– At least they show him no harm. If the leader does not have influence, there is no trust in him.

Basic motive for criticism: Raja says it is time for others to rule the capital.

He adds:

– Raymond now has nothing from getting stuck in Støre, as he and his government are unpopular and in crisis.

– Your criticism of Johansen might strengthen him in areas of the electorate that like him but dislike Storr and the government?

– Every leader in the big cities benefits from having influence with the current government. So when the Prime Minister comes from your own party you would think that you have more influence. But all Raymond’s tricks and criticisms show that he has no influence with his own boss.

– Nice guy

King’s decision is not surprising.

– When we have a city council leader who lacks influence, it is time to change this city council.

– Isn’t a capitalist city council likely to have more influence?

– Raymond is a wonderful guy, I like him as a person. But it is time for new forces to emerge in this city, which can attack this government wholeheartedly.

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He also conveys some political content here:

OSLO-GUTT: The king was elected to the Storting from Akershus, but lives in Oslo.

– Are the Liberals too pessimistic before the election campaign to focus on other parties and not on your own politics?

– I have been a parliamentary representative for Akershus since I lived in Peram, but I have lived in Oslo most of my life. I have never been involved in politics here in the city, but I am very interested in Oslo and Oslo politics. If I see that my town needs help, I speak up. Today’s situation is losing Oslo and other cities in the country. It’s a disaster.

Storr leaves it to Raymond Johansson to respond to criticism. He does so relatively succinctly:

Points for experience: Johansson asked Raja to look in the rear-view mirror.

– I think Aubit knows from his own experience that my job is to speak for the interests of Oslo and the people of Oslo. I did that job when he was a minister and I am doing that job now. Incidentally, I remember that Abid at the time thought I was both unfair and that I was wrong, and I stood up for Oslo when he was minister.

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