Viggo Kristiansen still owes 1.7 million Panehia survivors

Viggo Kristiansen still owes 1.7 million Panehia survivors

Christianson's assistant attorney, Brynger Meling, says NRK The compensation verdict affects him greatly.

– Anything that indicates doubt about acquittal will be challenged. Two of his most important agendas are that the underdog needs answers, and that he needs to be allowed to put this behind him for his part.

The Readmission Commission has no mandate to reopen the civil law portion of the judgment involving the compensation claim. Therefore, despite being acquitted of murder, Kristiansen was not exempt from claiming compensation.

The channel writes that both sides in the case have agreed to put the compensation case on hold pending the trial against Jon Helge Andersen.

– You wait to see what happens now in that court case, and then you can come back to it, says Audun Beckstrom, a lawyer for the bereaved.

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University of Oslo (UiO) law professor Joe Stijn doubts that Christiansen should pay compensation, and points to the Tengs case, where a relative's claim for compensation was dismissed.

– He says that the basis for compensation does not seem to exist now, but that it takes less than punishment to compensate for punishment.

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