Media: Israel attacked Iran

Media: Israel attacked Iran

Explosions were reported, but their size remains unclear.

It is written by Americans CNN, ABC And CBSall of which refer to US service members.

The same writes The New York Times, which refers to two Israeli officials. The newspaper also refers to three Iranian officials who confirmed that an attack struck a military base in the city of Isfahan.

However, about two hours after the first report in the morning hours Norway time, Reuters quoted an Iranian official denying that a missile attack had occurred on the country. He added that the explosions were caused by the activation of the Iranian air defense.

To show Isfahan: A photo from the state-controlled Iranian Broadcasting Corporation is a photo of Isfahan early Friday morning, where things look peaceful. The image has not been independently verified. Photo: AFP/NTB

So far it is not clear what exactly happened, but this is the puzzle of information that we have other than what is written above:

  • be cerfull: The United States was warned Thursday of the possibility of an Israeli attack in the next few days, but the country neither supported nor participated in the operation, both write. CNN And nbc He refers to a senior American official.
  • Military base: Last night, Iranian media reported that three explosions occurred near a military base in Isfahan, Agence France-Presse reported. The Iranian Fars News Agency previously reported that there were explosions at Isfahan Airport in central Iran.
  • Drones shot down says: Iranian state television reported that three drones were spotted over Isfahan and were shot down by the air force. However, the information coming out of Iran is not possible to track independently. According to the organization, the country is one of the most repressive regimes in the world in terms of press freedom Reporters Without Borders.
  • The city of Isfahan is located about 350 kilometers south of the capital, Tehran. The Iranian military has a large air base in Isfahan, and the area also includes facilities linked to Iran's nuclear program, NTB wrote.
  • – Non-nuclear facilities: According to CNN, Israel has assured the United States that it will not attack Iranian nuclear facilities. This information comes from a high-ranking US official. Shortly thereafter, Iranian state television also reported that the country's nuclear facilities had not been struck or damaged.
  • Activated air force: Agence France-Presse reported that Iran activated its air defenses over several cities.
  • Silence from Israel: The Israeli army told AFP that it had no comment currently.
  • Flight cancellation: CNN wrote that several flights were diverted over Iranian airspace. Iranian state media reported shortly after that the country had suspended flights from the cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.
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Reports of attacks in Syria and Iraq as well

The Jerusalem Post wrote There were also reports of explosions in Suwayda, southern Syria, and in the Baghdad and Babylon region in Iraq.

According to Agence France-Presse, a Syrian activist group reported that an area in southern Syria was subjected to an air strike.

– A Syrian radar system was hit, says Rayan Marouf, head of the Suwayda 24 website. This is what NTB writes.

Oil prices showed a sharp rise after the first reports of the attack E24 Overview

Shoot down: One of Iran's ballistic missiles was shot down in the April 16 attack on Israel. Photograph: Amir Cohen/Reuters/NTB

This is the background

For several days, the world has been waiting for the Israeli response after the massive attack launched by Iran on Saturday. 99% of the priestly regime's missiles were shot down.

The Iranian attack came as a result of Israel attacking the Iranian consulate in Damascus, where it killed a number of senior leaders. Iran said it had no choice but to respond to the Israeli attack.

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Daniel Hagari, an Israeli military spokesman, said Iran launched 170 drones, more than 120 ballistic missiles and more than 30 cruise missiles in the attack. The seven-year-old girl who was injured by shrapnel from a falling missile was the only girl reported injured in the attack.

Britain, France, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia also contributed aid to Israel.

And if you think the situation and alliances in the Middle East are clear, look at this:

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