Chrome joins Windows ARM

Chrome joins Windows ARM

Vivaldi reveals that they have started beta testing the ARM version starting with version 3329.7.

Google is already proud of Chrome ARM's performance

“As an added bonus, we're also including Build Preview packages for Windows Arm64 for those of you with compatible hardware. These builds are not yet part of our automated testing system and have only been lightly tested using a hardware configuration. Serious issues can exist and should be expected.” However, any testing and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Google also has a version of Chrome for ARM, but that version is much more complete, so that won't be the case justice To measure which of them is the fastest in Speedometer 3.0, but that would have been interesting. However, we think the presence of apps this time is a sign of health to Microsoft launched the operating system and hardware at a loss – the reason Windows RT never got anywhere was driven by the Windows Store and thus the lack of apps. Speaking of hardware, two Lenovo devices have been leaked equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite processor.

“We designed Chrome to be fast, secure, and easy to use across desktop and mobile devices. Our close collaboration with Qualcomm will help ensure Chrome users have the best possible experience while browsing the web on their current Arm-compatible PCs,” said Google's Hiroshi Lockheimer.


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