Apple had a secret double agent – the blog paid for secrets

Apple had a secret double agent - the blog paid for secrets

According to a case from Vice Motherboard, Apple used a previous leak to feed the company information about other leaks.

9to5Mac pushed to leak iPad Pro

The fan is called Andrey Shumeyko, nicknamed “YRH04E,” and it sold information about Apple products before it was announced by the company, as well as prototypes on places like Discord and Twitter.

Shumeyko was later hired by Apple to silence other Apple leaks and revealed the results to Apple’s international security team trying to stop leaks like iOS 14.

Paid with digital currency

The link to 9to5Mac is that in 2018, a former journalist there, Guilherme Rambo, paid Shumeyko $500 in digital currency. Shumeyko claims to have extracted information about the then-unreleased iPad Pro model (the first with a completely new design) from an iPhone prototype.

It’s editorial practice to never pay for information, and according to 9to5Mac editor and founder, Seth Weintraub, those are the rules, too. The editor says Apple’s blog was unaware that the information was purchased and paid for.

The article is from 2018 now Erase all information According to the blog’s editing guidelines.

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