Working life, Hyllestad | Torunn will make kvernstein relevant again

Working life, Hyllestad |  Torunn will make kvernstein relevant again

War in the granaries of the world. A global food crisis. energy crisis. What a time to work with a millstone. For the new director of the museum at Kvernsteinsparken in Hyllestad, Torunn Beck, it is more important than ever to gain knowledge about the technology of previous eras.

I think we become very weak when we don’t know how to make basic things, like grinding grain for daily bread and making clothes and other things you need to survive. In this sense, millstones and mills are very relevant. This is where we get so much of our food, it’s so important, says Torunn Beck in a press release from Musea i Sogn og Fjordane.

The position of museum director has been vacant for a year and a half due to recruitment challenges. So it will take some time to get things back together again.

– The first thing I will touch on now is the management plan, to prevent the landscape from growing again. I intend to contact local farmers to consider the possibility of grazing animals. It is also important to ensure that the school program begins in the fall. Then a plan should be made for deployment, among other things, she says.

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As a background, Torunn Beck has various cultural subjects, Pedagogy and an MA in Museology. She has experience as a museum gardener at the Norwegian Forest Museum and as a host at the Moss City and Industry Museum.

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Important to developing Kvernsteinsparken and Beck’s work moving forward, is the collaboration with the Norwegian Kvernsteinssenter Foundation.

– The museums in Sogn og Fjordane and Stiftinga Norsk Kvernsteinsenter have a modern and well-thought-out cooperation agreement which means we have now seen momentum in the development of Kvernsteinsparken. First, we will be more present in the park by building middleware office solutions. The park will be developed further, but it could not yet be concrete, Jan Hegheim, Managing Director of Museums at Sogn og Fjordane.

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