Big discounts on shipping rates at Ionity and Tesla

Big discounts on shipping rates at Ionity and Tesla

Lower the price: ionic drops from a high charge rate to a much lower rate.

New price overview:

More and more operators are now lowering recharge rates. See updated prices.

Electricity prices are now very low this summer, and this is reflected in charging rates at fast charging stations.

Many operators have lowered their prices recently.

The latest is Ionity, which cuts the charging price for fast charging from NOK 8.40/kWh to NOK 6.99/kWh.

If you have an Ionity subscription for NOK 129/month, charging now costs NOK 4.82/kWh.

– It will pay off with a subscription for anyone who charges more than 60 kWh per month, says Jan Haugen Ihle, who runs Ionity’s charging facilities in Northern and Western Europe.

Ionity has just over 30 charging stations in Norway.

Have you read these cases?

19 percent

Tesla lowered freight rates by up to 19 percent from July to AugustRecently, TOCN, the Tesla club for Tesla owners, prepared a pricing overview on August 16.

This is an important adjustment, Regulatory Consultant Roger Culpo wrote in TOCN.

The average rate for Tesla owners and non-Tesla owners with a fee subscription of NOK 129/month is now NOK 2.56/kWh for charging outside the evening from 18 to 22.

This is a decrease of 65 øre on average from July. And in percentage terms, the reduction is 19 percent.

NOK 2.20.00

Shipping rates for PM and other car brands without subscription fees are somewhat higher. In the Tesla Owners Club you can see all prices.

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Tesla has different prices for its charging stations. Lowest fare freight is now available at eight stations, mostly in the Middle Eastlands region. At the cheapest stations, charging is NOK 2.20/kWh.

At the most expensive station in Røldal, charging now costs NOK 4.20/kWh.

Shipping is more expensive

Below are the current shipping rates with some other operators, According to a recent overview from the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association:

Uno X NOK 5.50-6.50/kWh

Eveni NOK 6.99/kWh

more NOK 7.19/kWh

communicate NOK 7.29/kWh

K circle NOK 7.49/kWh

recharge NOK 7.49/kWh

The prices in this overview were updated on August 16th and apply to lightning charges for unregistered customers in southern Norway. For registered customers, and at charging stations in central and northern Norway, prices may be somewhat lower.

See the picture:

Here, there are no Teslas charges in Tesla

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