Are we smart enough to use artificial intelligence? – letter

Are we smart enough to use artificial intelligence?  – letter

It requires both critical thinking and a lot of knowledge to be able to use ChatGPT AI bot. Then teachers cannot ban AI, leaving students ignorant in the face of new technology.

In an article on NRK, Harald Jordheim defends For by chat In school, because he thinks that it will lead to lazy students and a lot of cheating. The blocking line, Jordheim argues, will lead to a lack of knowledge that may hit weaker students the hardest.

In order to raise the level of all students, so I think ChatGPT should be in the curriculum. Knowledge is better than prohibition.

In the news we read sunshine stories About people who can use ChatGPT with seemingly no effort to get young children to submit stories and parliamentarians who use the tool to formulate questions for government.

The reality is completely different.

It requires a lot of knowledge To be able to use ChatGPT. Imagine this: If you sit with 2 on a date and read about Andrea having a 5 KI, it’s easy to turn to ChatGPT on your own. Unfortunately, you’ll likely end up with an assignment riddled with errors, because you haven’t learned how to find errors and omissions in the text.

If you don’t know how to ask specific, good questions, ChatGPT won’t generate an answer that you can work on. It is a fact that ChatGPT is unreflective, repetitive, and contains unfortunate political opinions.

Schools need to take this into account, so ChatGPT can become a tool for everyone, not just the brightest, most reflective and critical students.

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The most important thing the school does, is our education for the future. This means teaching us the tools so that we can keep pace with social development and solve the great challenges that lie ahead.

In the same way that we learn that Wikipedia should be used with a critical sense, since anyone can write articles there, we should learn that ChatGPT also generates errors. Instead of blocking, we should learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the different tools.

Jordheim compares ChatGPT with car driving When the task is to run 20 kilometers, so ChatGPT is cheating. But the future will require us to move 200 kilometers in the shortest possible time. Then technology like ChatGPT will be essential to overcome the challenges my generation will face.

Therefore, I believe that the school should give all students the knowledge to use AI in a good way.

We need to know where and when the use of the tool is appropriate and useful, and then the school cannot ban it in all teaching.

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