June 9, 2023


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Sørlandet wins big in lotto – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– This is completely untrue, the woman tells Norsk Tipping.

The woman won the full role on National Day, but Norsk Tipping grabbed the winner from the actor on Thursday morning.

I thought it was stupid

According to Norsk Tipping, she didn’t answer her phone the night before because she thought someone was playing a prank on her.

– Just before midnight on Wednesday evening when she was going to bed, she decided to check the number called and later saw it was from Norsk Tipping, the betting company says.

On May 17 the girl alone scored 6 + 1 and won the entire first prize pot of NOK 197,710,135 million.

– After that, I saw in various online newspapers that Norsk Tipping did not like the winner in Vikinglotto. So I put two and two and checked my coupon says winner.

According to Norsk Tipping, the new lotto millionaire wishes to remain anonymous. But the company says she is very happy.

– I started laughing because it was so special. Actor girl says I am very happy.

The woman from Agder’s winnings of NOK 197,710,135 is almost close to 2013’s record amount.

Get financial guidance

Norsk Tipping reports that as part of his pursuit of winners, he will receive professional financial guidance.

Wednesday’s first prize winner enters the seventh place on the list of biggest prizes won by Norwegians in the Viking Lotto.


The actress wants to remain anonymous but is very happy to have won the full jackpot in the Viking Lotto.

Photo: Norsk Tipping

Little chance of winning

To win 1st prize in VikingLotto, you need 6 correct winning numbers out of 48 possible and one Viking number out of 5. This gives an approximate total. 61 million possible combinations in a row.

The chance of winning will then be approx. 1:61 million per row.

For 2nd prize (6 correct key numbers), the chance of winning is approx. 1:15 million per row. Statistically speaking, you will win an average of 3 straight or better for every fifth coupon in 10 rows.

VikingLotto Wednesday 26th June 2013
Photo: Screenshot / Norsk Tipping

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