Meteorite in Norway – landed on Stryn

Meteorite in Norway – landed on Stryn

A “powerful meteorite” fell on Stryn at 03:53 pm on Sunday, according to the report. Norwegian Meteor Network (NMN).

– It was a full moon, so I can imagine it looked like the moon fell straight down, says Tor E. Aslesen, press liaison at the Norwegian Astronomical Society (NAS). Stavanger Aftenblad Who first mentioned the subject.

He describes the meteorite as relatively powerful and estimates it to be about the size of a football.

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A rare sight

Aslesen tells Dagbladet that he too has not seen the meteor with his own eyes and that it is a rare sight.

– I have seen it twice in my life, but not this time. As a rule of thumb, go a long time between each method because you want to put your face on it in the seconds it lasts, says Aslesen.

However, he explains that it’s not uncommon for a meteorite to fall, but it’s not often that someone spots them. One of the prerequisites for doing that is that it is dark and cloudless outside.

– It’s hard to say how often, but you see them at night every couple of months if it’s not cloudy. As many fall during the day as at night, but they’re not as common, says Aslesen.

Expert: Tor E. Aslesen, press contact for the Norwegian Meteorological Network.  Photo: Private

Expert: Tor E. Aslesen, press contact for the Norwegian Meteorological Network. Photo: Private
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– Fell down and fainted

According to the NAS’ calculations, the meteorite should have hit the ground near Nordfjord in Vestland

The NMM writes that based on images from cameras in Gaustatoppen, Larvik and Oslo, they were able to estimate that there is a good probability that one or more small meteorites have hit the ground at Oppstrynsvatnet.

– However, water does not freeze, so anything that falls into the water is lost. The rest of the terrain is rough and the probability of finding any meteorites is low, it says.

According to NMN, calculations show that the meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere at 54,000 kilometers per hour, “falling almost straight down and extinguishing 21 to 22 km above the ground”.

– But even if it’s as big as a football, it could be a few small pieces that fall to the ground, says Aslesen.

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