Scams to watch out for in 2024

Scams to watch out for in 2024

– There's good news and bad news you need to know.

That's what IT security manager Tron Ingebrigtsen at Frende Forsikring said in a press release.

According to Økokrim, the number of reports of digital fraud has increased by 60 percent in the last ten years, and they expect the growth to continue.

At Tenerity, they look at the scope of cases. They help insurance customers across the country who are vulnerable to digital fraud.

– Tina Gerstad at Tenerity says you have to be reasonably suspicious to spot the best scam attempts we're seeing right now.

Efficient automated mailings

Automation allows fraudsters to work faster and reach more people. The more people they reach, the more they fool. An automated cheating pattern is often linked to events in your everyday life, making it easier to cheat yourself.

– At the time of tax declaration, you can get an SMS saying “Login with your bank ID and login here to check your tax payment”. During the holidays, messages like “Log in with your BankID here to book an appointment for a new passport” are often sent, says Gerstad.

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SMS fraud is increasingly used. A survey conducted by Norstad on behalf of Freunde showed that 91 percent of the 1,007 Norwegians surveyed had been contacted by this type of scammer.

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Artificial intelligence tries to trick you

While intelligence has never been artificial, it is becoming more and more like us humans. For example, you might get a voicemail from someone who sounds like your brother.

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– The voice may say “I lost my mobile phone and need taxi money”. I won't come home! Can you tip NOK 500 to this number? Borrowed a friend's phone?” But this is a voice copy created by artificial intelligence. This method is not yet widespread in Norway, but if you suddenly start receiving voicemails with questions about money, be careful, says Jerstad.

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So-called artificial intelligence is another aid that fraudsters will use in 2024.

– ChatGPT is one such app and it writes perfect texts in two seconds. Gone are the typos that would otherwise have set off your alarm bells, says Tran Ingbrichtsen at Friende.

Another place you should look out for is Facebook.

– There are thousands of scam types. We believe that instant messages from a hacked account will be used more this year as well. Messenger is the preferred channel for fraudsters. That's because a message from someone you think you know is more likely to hook you, says Tina Gerstad at Tenerity.

Your bank ID is what they want now

– Tricking visitors into giving fraudsters access to a bank ID is a fraud method that hit Norway in 2019, says Ingbrichtsen at Freunde Forsikring.

– This means many people have experienced their bank accounts being emptied, he says.

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Tenerity says the number of cases where victims give their own bank ID has increased tenfold in a few years. Victims are completely unaware that they are giving up access to their online banking.

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– I understand very well that people fall into the trap. If the phone says the police are calling, you answer. If the bank sends a message and says they want to stop a fraudulent attempt against you, many people are happy to do what they say, says Tina Gerstad.

– But remember that if someone asks you to provide your BankID, it could be a scam. Ask for a moment and tell them you will call them back. You call the people who said they called you back and check to see if they actually called you back, says Inkbrixen.

good news

All is not bleak. Here are some positive trends for fraud year 2024:

  • Artificial intelligence can also be used to keep criminals out of systems.
  • Telecom operators are working to block calls from scammers. This will reduce the volume of fake SMS and calls from sender masking scammers.
  • You'll be better protected than ever if you go crazy. The new Financial Contracts Act will indemnify bank customers against their entire loss if they fall victim to fraudulent and misuse of Bank ID. The overdose will vary depending on how negligent you have been.
  • Police investigate cases of fraud. The more criticism they receive, the easier it is to expose gangs. By reporting what you experience, you contribute to the fight against cybercrime.
  • In the last two years, the number of cases of unauthorized persons buying goods or taking loans in your name has reduced drastically.
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