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One person was found dead in a house fire in Plykemir, Haugesund, Rogaland, on Sunday.

– Smoke divers find a dead person in the house. This person has not been identified. It could be one of the residents of the address, but we won't know that until the person in question is identified, Helen Strand, operations manager of the police, tells NRK.

The police are busy informing relatives.

– The other person registered at the address was taken into account, he was away, Strand says.

The fire has now been extinguished.

– The fire brigade is carrying out extinguishing operations and will remain on the scene for some time, says Strand.

Fire Haugesund

Strong flames can be seen from the house, cutting down the nearby woods.

Photo: Dor Andre Johansen

Full ignition

Emergency services extinguished the fire around 12 p.m.

– Around 35 emergency calls were received here and we received a message of high ignition. “We dispatched resources, and when they arrived they found a lot of smoke and flames coming out of the window,” says Rogaland Fire and Rescue Chief Sven Ness.

The fire was spreading from the windows on the second floor of the house. The extinguishment lasted about an hour, according to Ness.

The fire department heard that a person might be inside the home and immediately made lifesaving a priority once the person was found.

– Nesse says we received a report of suspicion that a person might be in the house and we confirmed it.


Firefighters are engaged in extinguishing the fire.

Photo: John Corey Ness / NTP

Firefighters prevented it from spreading to nearby homes.

– They made an amazing effort, the Haugesund and Karmoy crews on site, Nesse says.

At first it was not known if there were people in the house. Two people are registered at the address.

– We have not been able to contact the two registered. But we don't know whether they are at home or outside at work, operations manager Helen Strand told NRK at 12.40 p.m.

No control over fire

The fire department wrote in an update at 12.24 that they had no control over the fire.

The fire is being extinguished and firefighters are searching the house. Two people in neighboring houses were evacuated due to heavy smoke.

Fire Haugesund

There is a lot of smog in the area.

Photo: Dor Andre Johansen

Due to this, there is heavy smoke in the area.

– Spectators are requested to evacuate, and bResidents of neighboring homes are asked to close windows and vents, police write in X.

Two nearby houses were evacuated.

Strand says they do not know the cause of the fire at this time.

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