Emergency Help for Christmas Food Crises – How to Save Christmas Dinner

Emergency Help for Christmas Food Crises – How to Save Christmas Dinner

It doesn't fail. Inversely proportional to the fact that the peace of Christmas descends on thousands of homes, the stress level rises to unimaginable levels for many of those who have to cook dinner. Especially if it's the first time.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong, but don't despair: most things can be fixed.

The food is burnt

There is no rule without exception. One of the hardest things to fix is ​​whether you've burned or overcooked the food. Here, all you have to do is bridal makeup.

Yeah, maybe it won't be as crazy, but thankfully it'll still be Christmas. Alternatively, you can send someone to the nearest gas station to look for crispy bacon, as it can work as a crunchy item.

Don't do this potato tab

If you've burned the meat, the best thing you can do is cut off the outer layer and hope for the best.

If they are cooked to death, you can help prepare the sauce. Prepare a very large and good portion, and you will see that everyone will be satisfied.

Pork is not watered

Was it really hot yesterday? Zero problem. Do as chefs do: cook it.

Eric Strom Lilbo from Code and Vaaghals previously advised us on the following method: Instead of steaming meat, you should boil it.

Place the pork slices in the pot, then fill it with water. Bring the mixture to a boil and leave it to boil a little.

Lamb ribs: Did you know there is a trick to get water out of pork chops faster? According to Maprat, the trick should only be used as an emergency solution when you forget to drain your pork chops. Video: Berit B. Nagarja. Cutting: Tobias Fjeldwang.
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Then you replace the water, and repeat the process two or three times, until the salt is cooked from the meat.

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The oath of office does not become fragile

Won't you pop swear? Light the grill elements in the oven, and follow them like a blacksmith, is Matbrat's advice.

If some of the ribs are golden and crispy, cover that part with aluminum foil so it doesn't burn, and expose the rest of the ribs to more heat.

Reba is still in the fridge

Ideally, the ribs are completely thawed and left in the salt for a day or two, but that's no problem. So it's just a matter of using physics: water conducts heat faster than air.

The solution is to place the ribs in a brine solution. This is a trick that a lot of people use anyway to get their ribs salted. All you need is a bowl large enough to completely cover the rib (or other meat, this works for most people) with water.

The water is preferably at room temperature, so it goes away faster.

The result is surprising

The result is surprising

You need to be very generous with salt, Matprat.no recommends about 100 grams of salt per liter of water.

The water will cool the meat, so feel free to add more lukewarm water along the way – and remember that when you add water, you should also add a similar amount of salt.

Not only do the ribs thaw faster, they also absorb flavor from the brine.

It also tastes…

Does your sauce or side dish taste too sour, salty or strong? Then you just have to work on finding the balance.

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Basically, there are three ways to do this:

  • Add more other ingredients to get the right balance
  • Add water to the dish – or dilute the dominant flavor with dairy
  • Balance the taste with something sweet, salty, sour, bitter or strong
Too sour, salty, sweet or strong?  Tricks that preserve food

Too sour, salty, sweet or strong? Tricks that preserve food

If the sauce tastes too little, you need to concentrate the flavor. The easiest thing is to boil it, but you can also add a little salt, it always helps bring out the taste.

The filling or sauce is very thin

Not a bad word for pork chops, but cabbage stew is one of the best we know. But sometimes you can become too craving for cream or butter—or the power of pork chops.

Then we have a handy shop trick, which we learned from the chefs at the Culinary Academy: mashed potatoes in a bag. This is perfect for thickening fillings and sauces.

Add 2 teaspoons, stir, and let rise according to package directions. If it's still too thin, just repeat until you get the desired consistency.

Remember to taste after mixing it with mashed potatoes, as it tends to dull the taste.

Alternatively, you can take a potato, cut it into slices and mash it.

Christmas trick: It's an item that should always be in your kitchen drawer, because it can preserve both kale and sauces. Video: Denis Abelung Hagbro / Havard Björnerm. Program Leader: Embla Hjort-Larsen.
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does not work? rest. Although for many Christmas dinner is the most important meal of Christmas, the most important thing is to be together.

Merry Christmas!

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